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So yesterday I was wrong. I said market crash cause Munger death (RIP in peace you great man). Whoopsie. Also, today all my positions are red. RIVN puts, GM puts, TSLA calls, SPX 4500 puts are fucking DED goddamn.....
$RIVN = Brokies $TSLA Join me brethren. I have a couple hundred shares but calls are obviously a lot cheaper too. Might get some dated ones months out idk I’ve been seeing a lot more of them in public near me.
Wow this game suuucks. Didn't have "settled funds" so i didn't buy the RIVN 12/1 $17C. Guess what pops ![img](emote|t5_2th52|31225). FUCK YOU VANGUARD.
🥱 they’re becoming less correlated as we get closer to launch, TSLA up 100% YTD, Rivn down 5% YTD
I believe [$TSLA]( should consider broadening its presence in the industrial sector, focusing on the production of vans and more transport trucks. Companies like [$RIVN](, with their impressive Amazon vans, have made a mark in this expansive market. Tesla's unparalleled infrastructure, when compared to other manufacturers, positions them well to excel in this domain.
RIVN is currently only at $16B market cap
It looks like RIVN might hit $18 soon but a better entry is likely in the cards so probably wait to enter. [MarketPilot RIVN forecast](
I’ll go long on RIVN shares. I’ve been lucky to take a factory tour. They make a great product and are “backed” by Amazon. I believe they will be a major competitor in the EV space, especially once they release a 2nd generation.
>There is no doubt in my mind that the bottom is in and RIVN will rebound within 6 months. The market has already shown us that it is ready for a long game, and I believe that RIVN will be one of the leaders in this rebound.
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