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Rivian Automotive Inc - Class A

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The economy is not ready for RIVN
This will be me with RIVN one day
I'm long RIVN til $50
I’m obviously bullish on Rivn but saying it can run up to 25$ easily is not true. I’d say it’s likely only up from here but unless big news comes thru it won’t hit 25$ until 2025 if they become gross margin positive that said there is an investor day on 6/27 which could have some big news drop. short squeeze unlikely as you don’t know when most of those shorts got in they could be mostly big in the money shorts where a short squeeze is unlikely until it gets back up a lot higher than now My personal price target is $13 by end of June and $20 start of 2025 because I think the stock is way undervalued considering that the sentiment is overly negative and good news is likely coming across multiple catalysts. Not financial advice as you shouldn’t trust what some rando dude says online what are your positions op?
My RIVN calls did da splits on da shmeat
RIVN moon tomorrow
rivn at $10 feels like a steal
No RIVN comments? wtf
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