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I’m paying 9.99dollars for a 12 pack of Coke Pre Biden I was paying. 3.99 So no.
Inflation is still hot because US consumers only know how to consume and nothing about saving. You can check any sub dedicated to a consumer related company. Most of the time it’s people complaining but yet discussed companies still increases their revenue. >LAGARDE: I think we're talking about two different, two different economies, two different series of shocks, and a different kind of inflation. But what is most different between Europe and the United States of America is the behavior of the consumer. And then we can go into why that is. But I think what we observe is European consumers that are very cautious, that continue to save significantly, when you look at the, at the saving rates in Europe, it is still high and higher than pre-COVID. When you look at the American consumer, the American consumer consumes. And the level of savings overall is less than what it was pre-COVID. That, that's a major difference. Now if you go to the root of why is that-- >EISEN: Fiscal? >LAGARDE: It's fiscal. It's energy. And it's the natural tendency of the American consumers to have confidence to spend, not to save so much.
I’m thinking more pre-revolution France but booth work.
This wouldn't be a stupid play if you timed it for *after* the split. Frequently you get a correction, or crash, after the pre-split runup. Case in point: the last two TSLA splits - correction after the first, ranked after the 2nd.
Real wages are higher than any time pre-pandemic. Inflation isn’t crushing the general population. I see how there’s so many bad traders on here.
At this point, aren't Costco calls a better option ? Also, Nvidia is awaiting 10:1 split in June, which will make it more affordable for retail investors to buy whole shares and trade intra day. My approach would be buying a few shares pre-split to benefit from that post-split stock jump.
[The Federal Reserve?](https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LES1252881600Q) It’s effectively back on his pre-pandemic growth trajectory
Honestly one of my best safe plays of the last 10 years was a friends dad recommended buying a decking company stock in early spring and selling mid summer. It was like a 30% rise in 3 months. This was pre pandemic when things wouldn’t regularly shift 30% every couple months.
$RERE if they can break into the chinese pre-owned manufacturing market. They have been meh latley and the need a breakthrough.
The market once again went into irrational euphoria unsupported by macroeconomic and financial backing - another market hysteria, 2.6 trillion Nvidia capitalization with fierce buying as if 6x growth since early 2023 and doubling early 2024 didn't happen. Nvidia has created 1.2 trillion in capitalization since Dec. 23 (including May 23 pre-market) - more than the capitalization of all publicly traded companies in major countries around the world combined, and that's just capitalization gains. Nvidia's importance (in terms of triggering value creation in the financial markets) dwarfs any macroeconomic report, any Fed statement, and even geopolitical events, overshadowing the media agenda with the hype around AI. The fact is that Nvidia's annual revenue is 80 billion (potential 110 billion) with earnings of 42.5 billion (potential around 60 billion), i.e. a forward P/S of around 24 and a P/E of 42-45. At current potential, Nvidia is worth 5-6x its peers on P/S and 2x on P/E. Given its monopoly position, margins are indeed prohibitive, but first, AI datacenter expansion is being done by only a few dozen companies globally and there are no plans to expand the list due to the high entry threshold, and second, large capital expenditures are highly cyclical and such a frenzy will not happen in 2-3 years. Nvidia no longer has the "key to success" as all other business segments (Gaming and AI PC, Professional Visualization, Automotive and Robotics) are literally insignificant on the scale of current results, generating about $12-14 billion in revenue per year with a declining trend. These segments will generate $15.1 billion in 2020, $15.5 billion in 2021, $11.5 billion in 2022, $13.1 billion in 2023, and the potential for up to $13 billion in 2024. Prospects - None, all the potential is in data centers only. It is impossible to extrapolate the current growth rates of Nvidia's financial indicators - the results are already close to the limit, given the hype, and in 2-3 years the results will begin to decline, and the margin will shrink, because competitors - primarily AMD - can come to the profitable place. Google, Amazon and Intel are also trying to enter the market. All of Nvidia's dominance is due solely to data centers, i.e. almost 90% of revenue is now generated in this segment. In 8 years, revenue has grown by two orders of magnitude (100x) in supplying data centers under AI. Even if Nvidia achieves potential results, the current capitalization is already 2.5x the market. Even in the most favorable scenario, buyers of nVidia at 2.6 trillion capitalization already have no realistic upside (suicidal and crazy), but have unlimited downside in the long run. There is no doubt that Nvidia will repeat Cisco's 1999-2001 pattern (see the historical chart). Not because Nvidia is bad (best technology solutions on the market and great products), but because the market is crazy.
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