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Texas In the first quarter of 2022, Texas led the country in renewable energy production, accounting for over 14% of the country's total. In 2022, Texas also generated 25,363 gigawatt hours of solar energy and seven times as much wind power as California. In the third quarter of 2023, Texas produced 36,270 thousand megawatt hours of renewable energy. Texas leads renewables by a wide margin. California is like 4th or 5th for total renewable productions. Behind Florida and Penn and changes places with Illinois all the time. California could be first but getting projects off the ground their is a bigger headache. Texas grid issues is a lack of capacity pricing. Not absolute production but excess baseload. They're quite a bit more efficient because of it but the trade off is they're far more brittle because of the massive uptick in cheap renewables have replaced traditional base load supplies have gone off-line leaving just NG and some nuclear both of which failed due to them not properly winterizing. For lack of that the energy situation in Texas as a market is pretty great. They're just the glass cannon of energy markets.
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