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Futes gapping up harder than Sandusky at the Penn State camp
Nope, board certified psych who graduated from Penn University. She’s lost three of her siblings to drug overdoses in the last 6 years. So mostly working through trauma caused from those relationships and their deaths. And she likes having and impartial third party as a sounding board for working through other shit.
That was her marriage to Sean Penn
PENN is the worst option out there for sports betting apps.
I used to work for PENN (on the engineering side) and let me tell you management is an absolute cluster. All of my old coworkers moved to Fanatics to make their betting app. Of the team members I used to work with (~30 people) only 2 are left of the original team. All of that is to say - PENN is a hard pass for me. I don’t think the ESPN deal is enough to fix their issues.
Did you buy some PARA this morning too? Down 28% it MUST bounce back right? its not like there are HUNDREDS of streaming alternatives. PENN TO THE MOON! lol Don't these shilling posts usually get flagged and taken down?
Penn has a mediocre sportsbook whether they’re partnered with ESPN or Barstool Sports. The most popular sportsbooks aren’t even owned by casino companies. It’s a market that they’re all trying to tap. I’d count on MGM or Caesars being successful in this area before Penn.
penn is not working as intended...
Hey there, DD poster! We love a good story about a company on the rebound. But you know what we hate? People who don't put their money where their mouth is. So how much PENN do you own? Show us your positions or ban!
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