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I will always think of him as Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch). He beat (literally) a path for all those with no talent but a famous older brother to get filthy rich from hollywood.
Fear is the mind killer Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration I will face my fear I will permit it to pass over me and through me When it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path Where the fear has gone there will be nothing Only bulls shall remain
Are they even taking bookings for R3? Hopefully they do have strong reservations in R2 but I think the bigger question will be status of Normal retooling on their path to profitability. Unfortunately I think ER will also show higher losses based on the discounts they pushed at the end of the Q.
bol have only hope left... Their innocence long since gone, taken abruptly by forces and powers that they don't understand and surely can't control. But they remember the good days... before gambling, impulsiveness and WSB. Some maybe even had a girlfriend. Some were always destined for this path. Some stumbled upon it... only wanting a better life. Those lost souls will always chase that dragon... but it has long since disappeared. Bol r fuk.
My path to $1.000.000 will start on Friday. I should get all earnings right. I skip Netflix, very expensive. 
The best option would be to give up options trading. It’s not as simple as these gurus make it out to seem and by following what they tell you, 95% of the time, you’re gonna have a bad time I.e. go broke trying. And based on the fact that you’re trading them using Robinhood is all I need to see to know that you’re not doing it right, unless you’re just using this for order execution and are doing analysis elsewhere. Sure, some people are really good at this shit and can do it profitably but they are few and far between, besides, no one in the history of time has been able to perfectly predict the stock market, it is impossible. While I’m not sure I fully believe in the efficient market hypothesis, there is some truth behind it in the sense that there will always be a huge aspect of it that is just unpredictable and therefore there is no definite path that these equities (in your case derivatives) follow. If you cannot back test a strategy and see a clear statistical advantage than it is not a strategy, it is glorified gambling. Trust me, I get it’s boring, but play the long game. Trading derivatives and even stocks can be wildly time consuming and stressful. For most, I mean 95% of investors, passively investing in good stocks and reaping the benefits of compound interest will make you far more profitable in the long run (unless your a 1 in a million trader) and in your case, quite possibly the short run as well. Trust me when I say this, THE worst thing you can do right now is try and revenge trade to recoup your loss, you’ll most likely force it and double your loss unless you are extremely lucky. 14k is a good amount of debt for someone that is 19, but I have friends who are 24 that are in 200k+ debt from student loans. You’re not in as a bad of a position as you might think. Give it up now, invest for the long run (ETFS, blue chip stocks, Bitcoin) and watch your money grow. Use what you’ve gained from technical analysis to buy in when the stocks are low (and I mean blue chip stocks, not some fuckin penny stock bullshit) just try and find good deals when you can. If you buy high, average down, if you buy low average up. That may be harsh but it’s the reality for most. Trust me man.
V bulls realizing that the only path for Martingale’s is poverty ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
That's certainly the exception that proves the rule. And even it is close to its 1989 high. Took a while, but it got there. Not matter how long you wait you'll never be able to say that about a stock like Enron. 18 months ago I felt really concerned that America post-COVID was on a path to becoming Japan. But I don't feel that way any more. There is just no other economic power to take our place in the near term. China post-lockdown hasn't exactly been what folks expected it to be and their population is both aging and becoming more middle-class. (that's not to say America doesn't have many many many other problems on the horizon, don't get me wrong).
Respect for dedication, on the path to financial domination.
If I've ever seen an attitude that could put somebody on the path to inevitable failure, this has gotta be it.
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