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Might see some upside w cyber Thursday CRM setting market up for big break out this week
I keep going in and out of call positions. I need the expiration to be after the skyrocket but before the contracts get too expensive
60k/year, minus 10k per year retirment savings = 50k per year. 50k per year is $3000 per month take home. * $250 a month AT LEAST is coming out for health insurance. * Rent or mortgage is a solid $1000, and that's generous. * Utilities- $200 * Midwest average grocery cost = $400 * Cell Phone, internet, cable- $200 * Auto Loans- $400 * Auto Insurance- $150 * Gas- $150 * household items- $100 There ya go, we aren't even done and you're at $2850 on basically necessities. Your kid wants school supplies? No. Clothes? No. A new toy? No. Go out to dinner? No. Buy a round of drinks for the boys? No. It's poor as fuck. So let's say you don't save for retirment and drive a beater around, maybe you can buy little Johnny some Christmas presents, and work until you die. What a life, you poor fucker. Are you like 18 years old? Or just live in a fucking shack down by the river. You people blow me the fuck away.
I mean, they pay a dividend that is pretty pathetic, and have questionable growth prospects. Interest rates have risen and the economic outlook is uncertain. That means people will buy few cars and cheaper cars. It isn't that there is a risk of them going out of business, it is just that there are much better options on all fronts. If their share price were to increase until their PE was 10, that would put their dividend payout in line with a company like Apple, or Mastercard. Two companies still finding new markets (albeit slower these days for Apple). It would mean they would need to set a new all-time high. The highest they have been was 2021 with extremely low interest rates and high speculation in the market. Their stock just isn't worth it for me.
Hard for me to not be derisive here. The people you describe as so avaricious and hungry they would use this power right away. There is a zero percent chance that humans, multiple humans, have access to the kind of tech described when uaps are referenced and are not using it somehow. People would use it to cruise up to the moon and pit a Pepsi sign on it. Or cruise to the top of everest and hang out there. Or cruise around the oceans doing wicked shit. The rich have been getting richer since the first form of money exchange was conceived.
I’d rather buy a lot for 10k, build a house and sell it 4 months later and walk away with the bag. Fuck the market. The manipulation is out of control lately.
A company doesn't go private by buying back shares lmao. A company goes private when someone else makes an offer to buyout all the shares. A company can't buy itself out. If anything, companies sometimes buy their own stock as a method to defend *against* buyouts.
How yall feel about this cyber truck coming out tomorrow?
Keep on renting let me know how that works out for you in 20 years.
God damn what a shit day just ate dick on calls all day. But still looking bullish from here out
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