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I invested into (2) yuge 28oz bottles of OG Sriracha (huy fong) like 7-10 days ago and got them yesterday in the mail. How should I celebrate. What should I make to slather in some fresh sriracha?
Watching the latest Veritasium. Turns out Isaac Newton was an OG bag holder and Thales of Miletus was trading options 2600 years ago.
I'm in the market for a CRT because my nintendo 64 and OG xbox look more natural on it
The Clapper was the OG AI and didn't sell your data.
I mean, it was sort of one of the OG meme stocks. Wild how most of WSB doesn’t seem to know that now. Not a bad thing at all, just strange. I feel like I remember it from when the sub was still below 100k users. Made a fuckton on it over the years. Cheers.
The OG sell low buy high regard
The OG bitcoin holders, they forget the random ass stockbrokers wanting commission called took 10k decades ago and it's just sitting there.
Lol AMD is one of the OG WSB stocks. How is Nvidia more of a meme than AMD?
Just need yall to pump the og ai stocks for once
This is a great OG WSB autist level knowledge post. I miss those days when there were only like 100k subs here. Freaking millions of screetching feces throwers nowadays talking about buying 0 DTEs. SMH
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