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That's WSB lore. Dare I say, peak WSB before it became overrun by real dumb IQ68 regards around GME fiasco. I am an OG IQ68 regards as you can see from my flair.
And i'm still eating cheeseburgers, i don't call cheeseburgers a "panino", and i don't expect the BBQ guy around the corner to make og american food. I really don't understand how the nation most proud of their flag and identity doesn't understand we simply don't want your shit sold as italian. But yeah, we're just 60m gatekeepers that can't accept someone of a different culture background can do what we do better.
I thought they were going to IPO, but they are only diluting their own shares slightly. I”m an OG regard., I firmly believe gene editing will have a huge part of our future specifically in the medical field. I thought one of the OG CRSPR companies was a slam dunk. Still do, but didn't realize I was buying in a 2021 bubble when that company was we are. I was filling up on forward thinking stocks I wouldn't touch for 5+ years. Well, can't touch it now for probably at least another 3 years....\*sigh\*
I was an OG user on one of the very first versions of Robinhood. In hindsight I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but I knew whatever I was doing it was making me more than a minimum wage job while I attended college. Allowed me and my ex girlfriend to get snacks and have fun while we were broke as shit. No regrets. I had so many things when they were pennies on the dollar but I wouldn’t change a thing. I barely had to do shit for like three years selling those stocks doing random day trades and the occasional bag of weed. Some of my best years.
Kendall Roy would be so jealous of David. Successful in the business world and relatively cool. L to the OG.
I am an old Soundgarden & Nirvana gen-x-er. I'm in my late 40's but I have lived thru dotcom & 2008 gfc before barely hitting 30. Gold had a huge run from the 1990's-2012. I would not bet against gold. When uncertainty hits the markets, I learned the hard way to not bet against the most powerful OG in the world.
the company used to be awesome… im an OG from way prepandemic. They went IPO and the company literally went to complete shit. Leave it up to some fucking finance assholes to ruin a good thing. Im sure all the execs sold out and the trainers and customers are like wtf happened this used to be cool.
I'm on that sleepy joe OG Chronic pack. Shits so strong next day you don't know what country you are in.
It would not be hard to catch up if they bag partnerships with OG car makers given how many more of them there are on the road. Sure, TSLA has a few years ahead but that gets thrown out the window as soon as they bag a deal with someone like Ford. You don't need an autopilot feature to train AI self driving. You just need driving data, which would get more data learning off human input..
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