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AMD faces a challenge with more companies moving to ARM. I think it’ll be mostly flat until they sell their graphics division or announce a play for the ARM space.
Why not NVDA? All the guys I know in Silicon Valley say NVDA is way ahead of the competition and Intel/AMD are a joke lol
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I own a gopro and there's nothing special about its product anymore. The subscription program is a failure. Your run of the mill iphone takes much better photos and shoots better. get this.. VIDEO. Then you have the competition: DJI, Insta360, there's nothing special about gopro anymore lol. I only use it for some unique shots like timelapse (traffic/night). It's a dead and declining moatless company, stay away.
Thank you. I'm trying. I'm trying. Maybe I'm also in a bad cycle/swing, because when I do buy calls, it's right when the market reverts slightly. Or even if I make money on calls, I revert back to bearishness too soon. Thank you for sharing your experience too. I'll uh... Try being a bull tomorrow maybe. (Except SNAP puts if I can afford any and happen to get lucky with timing, cuz, fuck that company. It's just so hard to go against my own convictions. My convictions suck ass though. Godamn.)
I look at this and the comment about the guy who did a Palantir rap about WSB to a Hamilton track. The memes of old-school WSB were top-tier.
Management is a turd. Can’t turn around a turd while being a turd. It could be trading at $.15 and I wouldn’t buy.
Oh no, I'm not a fan of Tesla or Ol' Musky. It was just an intersteing take coz I initiallt went 'what sort of fuckwit would vote yes for that' and I guess it's the sort of fuckwit that values tesla at 600bn and Thinks it's better for the company to lose 10% of that and Keep Ol' Musky.
So Grinder Stock is going to be nice and a Hard rise Up or a Limper?
That's about how much I'd pay for a GoPro
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