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I had Nvidia 470 call at $75 expiry April 19th. I bought the call in sep-2023. Total investment was cad 53k. In Nov-Dec 2023 my investment crashed to 25k. I was scared. So in Jan first week when it started going up, I sold it for 65k ($93) for 12k profit. In Feb-March-April it went to > 900. Investment value would have been cad 300k, only if I would not have sold in Jan. I think this is a 20$ by nov🤔
Sell it and buy a 1200C or 1300C nov call.
First I was reading up on bird flu And now this. I believe it's a sign. I made the mistake in 2020 won't make it again. Literally read articles about virus in China in Nov 2019 and did not act..
✍️Nov-6. Something happens day before….
I have a 900C nov call that is up 260%. Would you sell it soon or hold for at least another quarter?
My autistic educated prediction: -We will see China increase intensity and frequency of war games to de-scentatize the threat -They will sneak the invasion into a war game right after the US presidential election because regardless of who wins there will be quite a bit of protests and riots -The war game will launch a lightning fast invasion (will probably be the fastest in human history) giving the US only a few hours to properly respond which puts the US in the decision of fully committing to a full scale island invasion (extremely costly in money and lives) -If the US strikes even a single ship or aircraft we will have to fully commit to war and the invasion which will be an insanely difficult choice to make at the beginning of a term. But given the response time they might accept Taiwan is lost and try to be friendly with China to butter them up for future deals TLDR: China will hit Taiwan so fast the US just accepts it to avoid a global conflict that destroy economies and societies and puts on chips in Nov
Tbh this i see 21500 mnq inbounding till Nov with 0 rate cuts this yr or we hit almost 20k this month and a little bit of correction till Sep with 25bp rate cuts in Sep, but im regarded so dunt mark my words fellow degens.
HR and my team head are pretty laid back. It’s just that if I’m on leave, my coworker will have to do my part so they might have something to say..![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260) but I’m planning on quitting around oct or nov
not sure what you're being sarcastic about. You gave a very consensus answer, and then gave a consensus current market pricing as some sort of supporting evidence. That's no different from me claiming they're gonna cut in June 2 months ago, and then giving the CME pricing in a 75% or something probability of a June cut, which obviously won't happen. Right now the only "out there" calls are either June/July cut due to some sort of recessionary scenario, or a 2025 cut due to inflation surprising to the upside. Any Sept/Nov/Dec cut calls are basically within the range of consensus.
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