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Again, u went ahead and ignored the facts that Isreal is a US lapdog and blew up an Iran embassy in Syria. Get ur ass out of ur head and start using logic, no point in thinking about what if scenarios. The truth is Isreal thought they could do as they liked, fcked around and got bitch slap by Iran as a warning. Note I am blocking u, u are unbearable to talk with and honestly I don't want to waste my time with a Isreal cuck. Look at ur down votes it shows how terrible ur point is.
In China, members of the CCP are by law required to sit on the board of all big corporations. The Chinese goverrnment runs the economy. In the US, members of the CIA & NSA sit on the board of big corporations if that company recieves huge government grants or recieved slush fund money at it's inception. Boeing as a huge military contractor has such people. Probably quite a culture of such people. Side note: The US government also runs the economy, though not to the extent the Chinese government does. The Boeing whistleblower testifying to congress, this is congress who gave the money who put the government agencies in Boeing's boardroom.
Yeah, a few points; https://chainstoreage.com/news-briefs/2024-04-12?article=mastercard-spendingpulse-march-retail-sales-rise-across-channels This is the article with the relevant data that I'm assuming OC was talking about. 1. According to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which measures in-store and online retail sales across all forms of payment, total U.S. retail sales (excluding automotive) were up YoY in March 2024, showing showing continued growth for both online (+6.1%) and in-store (+2.6%) retail sales. Notably, it's not adjusted for inflation (noted at the bottom of the article). Which means, when you factor in CPI inflation, it's actually down in real terms. 2. Home furnishings and furniture is down -8.3% YoY, of which RL has a sizable portfolio of home decor in their portfolio. This is a trend we've seen after COVID, where COVID spurred a lot of home improvement, furniture, furnishings, and now it's declined. 3. The article does note an increase in apparel spending, but my optimism allows me to assume that it could be outside of the RL semi-luxury tier. LULU and PVH re-affirms my thesis that this semi-luxury (below Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, etc.) is going to face a poor year. So it's not enough to really shake me. Plus the reality is it would just reduce the likelihood of a pre-announcement revising earnings and guidance down (which I anticipate **could** happen next week, though it's still not super likely), as well as potentially (in the worst case scenario) allow RL to have a great earnings report and guidance. However, in the nearer term, I do think that the low volume exhibited by the stock, the resistance at this current \~159-162 range, and the gap **will** fill if there's any other bearish catalyst (continued strong inflation data, the April/May FOMC meeting, a retaliatory attack from Israel, or some random black swan like a bank failure due to sustained high interest rates & high treasury yields).
Take note, this is how you power bottom boys.
Well yeah, but also no. The risk was just as present, if note more so, while TSM was running up after last earnings. It's seen a nice little pullback in time for tonight's earnings, combined with the earthquake scare. Based on other metrics it seems TSM is easily seeing more than 5% growth for Q1 and can guide higher. China's a non-issue for the near term.
I kinda feel like I’m the only one that got some calls 1dtes at close today. Got to admit, feels nice going against the WSB grain. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882) Note: Plan to sell at open, red or green.
The fact SPY closed exactly at 500.50….is something to take note of
note to self for 12069th time... **do NOT trade the 10min close**![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
Greed is good! On a more serious note, I did cash in my initial investment plus a little extra so its all house money now
On that note I think I’ll hang onto my 152.5 put.
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