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I was cucked by NIO before. Have since learned my mistakes, sold my NIO positions, went all in into NVDA, and actually made up all those initial losses.
A lot of bagholders have cuckold tendencies. I see this a lot with bagholders for INTC and NIO, especially NIO
NIO? LOL they are eviscerating themselves. Tesla is just fine.
And also gave an all time return of 15,000%. If you think Elon’s antics costed the shareholders 60% from its peak, then please explain how Rivian, Lucid, and most Chinese EV makers like NIO, Li auto, XPeng are down 70-90% from their peaks. Even BYD is 30% down from the peak
looks almost the same as my 200 share Nio position ^^ made me fucking ptsd ^^
RIP BYD NIO , LIauto ... ?
Sold NIO for 75% loss, 25k :(
There’s hope for NIO yet. Everything China is highly speculative. For all you know, those engineers might create the next great EV battery and become a provider, like TSM and the other companies for chips..
Yeah I sold this guy all my s***. I think he's the one who bought my nio too
$3.96 Average on NIO. Hopefully it dips more. But idk what this post means lol
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