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NIO puts for next week? ![img](emote|t5_2th52|29637)
Why the fuck is NIO going up 5% and the next down 5%. What kind of a fucking game is this?
Thats your loss ;-) NIO is up and coming and is gona be huge. They are already proving their quality and slowly but steady gaining ground.
Nio can tank
I’m still holding 100 shares of ARKK selling cc. She’s on the cutting edge of things so there will be wild swings and my holdings are a lot better than people holding NIO LCID and RIVN long term. 🤷‍♂️
NIO is done. (I sold all my shares at a 70% loss)
NIO !!!!!!11ONEOneone!1
May go in big on the dip with LMND. One day it could make up for getting slaughtered on NIO from way back.
My week so far. Watched my NIO calls continue to lose value. Transferred some money from bank, put it all into WEN for tomorrow's ex dividend. Will sell my WEN friday and see what I decide.
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