Lumber Liquidators was an inside job!
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Why the fuck is LULU tanking so hard? Every store is full AF
Come on LULU do that bubble butt thing you do
LULU held up pretty good today
Lulu and NKE safe haven 😂😂😂
Well, I bought a LULU call today which is up 25% and still has 3 months to expiry, its not like I am ignoring small caps. But $90k?!?
I have no idea tbh how to play weeklies besides right before ER's but that's basically a 1DTE. I got burned 50% YTD on LULU and VSCO and looking at how to recover safely
Got an expensive ass ITM September LULU call near close today So that means a drop to $250 is up next
Lulu puts Regret selling my 290p this morning Lulu always pumps overnight, puts at open
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