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Recent Comments

Hugs to you man. Sorry that you are experiencing that. I wish you all the best on your new job.
about 23 hours ago
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Thank you, i needed that. Hugs to you as well.
2 days ago
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Just checking in. Hugs to everyone who is also in the deep red.
2 days ago
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Ouch *sending hugs*
3 days ago
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Sending out hugs to all the πŸ‚β€™s who are hurting πŸ€— It’s ok Winnie the Pooh will save you before JPow abandons you, just sell out on the spikes πŸ˜ƒ
4 days ago
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Lots of hugs are needed for my fellow apes today.
4 days ago
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Diamond Dick Edit: someone gave me an award and I haven't been able to thank then. For some reason notification history is not showing the fourth award. Thank you for the rocket And second person for the star who showed up as a push notification. Thanks for da silver mysterious stranger. Thanks to the madlad that dropped 3 awards at once. King Madlad. Not entirely sure how I feel about the helpful award talking about dicks but thank you. Ok, whose the smartass who gave me the wholesome seal of approval. We talking penis here. Rodney Johnson. Can always use more hugs. That's why Im here. Thank you. Second helpful award. Glad I could help you learn the Diamond Dick technique. You are gonna be the worst ninja ever. Wholesome pro huh. Don't know what to say. Hope you hit a ten bagger with your next play. I have learned 2 things from this. Firstly, if you call a wsb member a smartass you will unleash the horde of smartasses. Secondly, my highest liked and most awarded comment on reddit.... BY FAR... is a dick joke. Love this community. 🦧 R Gr8. Thank you for the wholesome.
6 days ago
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