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$YEXT calls $AVGO calls
$AVGO back over 830 EOW sellers done selling.
because he was right about NVDA, MRVL and AVGO
AVGO looking toppy af right now, puts mad tempting
Calls on AAPL, MVIS, AVGO, ADBE, PATH. What do we think?
There's a company that's worth a whole lot more than it's sitting at idle. 35x in a share split that isn't money in your pocket yet. The shares are supposed to split soon. AVGO was the company in question but There's more to the story. It's supposed to be in tech but none of them have split yet.
I'd have to say AVGO.
AVGO, OnSemi, Micron, Marvell
Bought AVGO $888 ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
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