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I agreed.  When AVGO gave me a 3k gain (100% gain), I said to myself hold it, it will give me another 10k. What do you know, it dropped to earth and then when sideway. I ended up losing over 1k. 
I'd say QQQ is good if you want to hedge the riskier parts of your portfolio. Right now, my port is like this GOOG (47%), AMD (24%), AVGO (8%), PANW (7%), META (3%), NVDA (3%), SYM (1%) CASH (7%) I'm way too overweight in GOOG and AMD, but I don't like overpaying for stuff, and everything is priced too high right now. I ended up with too much GOOG and AMD, but it's just because I don't like overpaying. My % of META and NVDA is way too small, but it's because they've been overpriced comparatively, and I haven't found good entry opportunities. My 7% cash would be all into NVDA if it got to around $815 per share or so. I might buy a few more shares of AVGO or PANW if they drop another 10 percent. I'm watching ZS closely. I might enter a small position around $171 to $175. Other companies I like but don't have any position at the moment: MSFT - too expensive TSM - too expensive relative to the China risk AMZN - too expensive, don't like huge aspects of their business NET - Like it around $88 per share or so DDOG - Like it around $110 per share or so ASML - Would like to get in off some sort of correction, like what happened to SNOW recently UNH - One non-tech stock that has piqued my interest. Similar to BA in the fact that it's had a lot of bad news and I think it's getting to the point where I must enter a position if it drops a wee bit more ACN - If it drops another 5 percent I'm probably jumping in. Good AI execution play. Basically they will help companies that don't know the first thing about AI to ease into an AI strategy from the software side of things
I've never been married to any stock except avgo, that one hurt, I was praying it would drop after it got called away, instead it mooned
I don't know , I've been doing it for years, I don't know if I could match jepq, avgo really fucked me up, probably lost 100k on getting that called away a while ago
I pray to thee wsb gods plz tank avgo upon openeth of the market. In Jesus Chrysler name bless thy soul upon holy matrimony
Thoughts on avgo?
Tomorrow? Maybe.. AVGO will surpass $1400 in the next month or so (again) so depends on your expiration dates. I sold before closing today to lock in a 30% + gain. Will be watching to jump back in.
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