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I think it’s better to buy 1 year to exp calls with like $50k and delete the app for 9 mths
depends on exp
Spy calls $160 exp 12/15 thoughts?
Fuck fuck fuck. My DLTR $111p Exp 12/15 sooooo fucked. Fuck fuck fuck. Night is ruined.
Done, buying spy 450p exp 12/1 tomorrow
Should u hold my tsla 240cs and my game 15cs exp 12/01??
I honestly think had we gotten the puts for a few further months out, we’d feel decent. The problem is the ridiculous Christmas rally that’s expected which puts the January exp in a tough spot
Dis 92 exp next week cheapish.
Took a break from trading now I'm back with 430 puts exp December 8
Sto 2x tna 27.5 exp this Fri to the 🌈 🐻 lmao 🤌
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