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I like this play too OP, I just think we are a little early on Exp… try the week of split. I think it dumps then. History is a creature of habit
You prob would’ve been better off with a 6/7 exp.
Dude I saw that and I didnt see the 5/23 exp... I was like damn... good luck. 🍀👍 But nah they smoked him!!!!
Should I buy more $540c exp mid June?
I know you reasoning for buying the OTM short exp option cuz it’s cheaper you could average down throughout the day. But with option you lose money if the stock move the opposite ways. So for earning play just gamble 1 or 2 contracts of close to or at the money call or put (although they it’s more expensive) instead of 10 otm contracts. So if the stock move 1 way or another you will either make great money or lose it all. But OTM options will almost always make you lose all your money because IV crush on top of theta decay and most likely expire Out of the money and the small change of you making money is only when the stock move 15-20% move which for a large cap like that it’s hard (although Nvidia did it before) . But that’s just my experience.
Opinion on NVDA $1150C Jun 7 exp. Thoughts?
Ok so I bought $530C exp May 31 the other day when SPY was closing in on $532. Trying to play what I expected to be NVDA bullish volatility. I ended up being busy taking care of a family member for a couple days and missed my exit. Are these a hold over the long weekend or should I cut my losses and cry like a baby
I like this but you’re early and need a longer dated exp
you do realize that they won’t be able to sell, market, provide patient care/services or any other kind of day to day business WHILE it’s getting patched? And the 1000s of people who rely on their device to provide life saving medications, will have to turn to other sources in the meantime? And that diabetics are an extremely well connected group of patients, where word travels fast about what devices work, and which ones can’t be trusted to literally keep them alive? Not to even mention the 224 potential lawsuits on the horizon due to the malfunctioning devices in the first place. But I’m sure it’ll be completely fine. I’m buying as many puts as I can afford tomorrow morning. 6/21 exp
didn’t look at exp was kinda tweaking off nvda gains while it ran up to 1060
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