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Electronic Arts Inc
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EA games
about 4 hours ago
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EA stock is a safe bet. Any of the big conglomerates are safe bets. Don't expect them to moon. Moon stocks I imagine are hidden in Asian where mobile games are rampant. Tencent has chance to moon I think. It's trying to break into NA markets. They setting up dev shops in NA. I haven't researched much into this, but just news I hear, this is what I have derived.
about 7 hours ago
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Idk how it's worth more than EA
about 13 hours ago
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It was a mistake to make an entire event out of having 25 cars to deliver. It was a mistake to cancel the 550 mile range plaid plus. It was a mistake to show off gaming capabilities over full self driving improvements (if there even were any). But the biggest mistake; is not allowing owners to transfer fsd licensing. So many TSLA owners would like to purchase a newer model, but are unable to transfer their fsd they bought and never used and is tied to their old car instead of their account. That alone is approaching EA levels of bullshit.
about 14 hours ago
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New CEO and revival for Intel. $INTC 6/25 60c gonna print. 70c are .07 ea
about 15 hours ago
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Juicy fucking dips i love it imma EA THAT SHIT UP
about 18 hours ago
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It's undervalued sure. Nobody is going to say the stock has piss poor fundamentals. The only issue is that 61% of the shares are held by EagleTree Capital, a private equity group that is keen on offloading its position in CRSR in order to use the money to invest in other ventures. The firm bought the shares at around $6 ea and can now sell at +30. That is why the stock has been trading sideways, everytime it spikes up, EagleTree just offloads more bags.
about 21 hours ago
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Has PC gaming sector exploded in 2020/21 or something? No... It is big and has been big. That doesn’t change. Why isn’t EA killing it? GAMERZ Corsair brand is pretty fucking established lol.
1 day ago
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I've been debating on how to make a play on video games. I am a gamer myself, so I am well aware of the companies. I do own MSFT and SONY as my long term blue chip kind of plays, and they do more than gaming. But in regards to sole video game companies or manufactures, I've struggled. NVDIA is too much, but a future stock split will help. EA to ATVI have some appeal, but personally they suck balls, and they are notorious at fucking up. TTWO only has Rockstar lately, and while GTA Online is a money maker, no ideas right now. That said, I didn't realize Corsair is being traded! I like their products. I have a power supply in my old rig, and own their mouse and keyboard. Reliable stuff at reasonable prices.
2 days ago
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They gonna announce? I’m tryna buy and hold some take two when they go to 160 they’re undervalued for quality of games they give gamers. Much lower price to sales ratio than ea activison
2 days ago
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