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Cocaine is the best drug hands down
greed is a hell of a drug brother
My gambling addiction is successfully funding my drug addiction. It's beautiful, honestly.
You say that but all the sex workers in my area have raised their prices. Even the drug addicts went up 50 bucks per half hour !
Are you joking? Horrible take my guy. Life is horrible for more Americans than ever before. Suicide, homelessness, mental health issues, drug overdoses, and overall quality of life has been going down steady since NAFTA.
Potential scenarios: - has rich parents - works in tech / started a startup which was well funded - did incredibly well in the stock market or crypto during the pandemic run up - drug money / organized crime
That’s the drug cartel. They’re run a little more competently than Evergrande with a growing customer base and positive long term financials. I’m not sure we will see them go down.
One word. Hopium. It’s a very strong drug.
SEC might do enough investigative work to figure out who made the trade, then just give it to DOJ (SDNY) as a criminal matter if the person had access to insider information. or it might just start with DOJ. they will *definitely* care about a $10M trade. >On or about November 4, 2021, DAGAR learned that a Pfizer trial of the drug Paxlovid, a medicine designed to treat mild to severe COVID‑19 infection, had produced positive results. The results were confidential and meant to remain so until Pfizer publicized them on or about November 5, 2021. >Later that same day, and while those results remained confidential, DAGAR purchased short-dated, out-of-the-money call options in Pfizer stock. DAGAR also tipped his close friend, ATUL BHIWAPURKAR, about the coming drug results and BHIWAPURKAR also purchased short-dated, out-of-the-money Pfizer call options that expired approximately two weeks later. BHIWAPURKAR also tipped another friend (“Individual-1”), who similarly purchased short-dated, out-of-the-money Pfizer call options that expired approximately three weeks later. >The next day, on or about November 5, 2021, and before the market opened, Pfizer publicly released results of its Paxlovid study. That same day, following the publication of the positive results, Pfizer’s stock price increased substantially, opening — and eventually closing — more than 10% higher than the prior day’s closing price. In the coming weeks, DAGAR, BHIWAPURKAR, and Individual-1 sold their Pfizer call options at significant profits, totaling approximately more than $350,000. they're out there prosecuting this guy for $350k in profits. if the person who made this trade is an employee of, attorney for, or in any way professionally connected to either company, the investigation will really not take very long.
Hopium is a hell of a drug
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