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Recent Comments More competition, too, which will help boost the entire sector. NVO already has a version of the drug for oral administration but they can't produce it on a scale large enough to meet the demands. It's worth investing in both LLY and NVO at this point.
Calls on all fast food stocks. Regards will just think they can eat more and take this drug to not get fat ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Hey whoever brought the crack behind the Wendy’s dumpster is not cool. WSB is a drug free zone ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Did CELH come out with a new weight loss drug?
Imagine resorting to drugs for that crap. This just in: feelings change for everyone. Some days you feel down other days not. Stop being a cuck. Go get some sun. Drink more water. Work out. Talk to sloots. Stop being a simp beta drug consuming incel
You should be a drug dealer if you're good at buying highs... I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.
The 18%ish day a month ago or so was a positive drug trial result announcement on their earnings day.
Anti Inflammatory.. they’re working on a new drug like Aspirin, called iPill
When ai makes everyone white, it's an innocent mistake. When ai makes people black, it's a deep state woke agenda.  When ai makes everyone white, it's white nationalists in tech. When ai makes people black, it's DEI.  Or, they are both just growing pains as we roll out this new tech.... Literally fuck these idiots both ways. Anti-intellectualism is a hell of a drug
>We already have several effective weight loss drugs I have to reread the top line results in more detail and compare it to SURMOUNT-1 trail, but...the phase II trial was only 13 weeks and had strong results. The tirzepatide study by jastreboff et al was 72 weeks. So seems to hint at being a faster and maybe more effective drug.
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