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Since writing this, I have begun to wonder how much of a role it will actually play. My gut instinct is still that good news (they maintain positive opinions and perchance even say it will be more cost-effective than previously thought) could be a substantive enough reason for hesitant buyers/existing players to expand positions, especially big fish. However, *vis* the pulmonologist with great insights below, it seems like ICER/CEPAC - while internally important to the drug creation process in general- does not have a large effect on the FDA approval decision making process itself, which is the critical moment we are all betting on. I think it's very possible this upward increase is simply part of the initial build up that explode on the 26th when FDA action comes, and we are likely to continue seeing swings like we did today of around 10%, although I bet the price generally trends upwards towards the 26th. However, my gut instinct is that tomorrow's news will indeed impact the price- it seems like a great point to either double down or re-evaluate the initial thesis before the FDA decision. This is my first pharma play, and probably my first really thought-out trade, so I truly have no idea. i think I can look at the charts, read the news, and try to piece it together- but unfortunately, I am just not skilled enough to have a real idea of the meaning of tomorrow's meeting. But, for me, the plan is to hold until FDA decision, if FDA decision is good, I ride initial wave, sell enough to cover cost basis and then some, and then watch the commercialization process play out and hope it really does hit 30-36 bucks by June. I am still re-evaluating my exit strategy - I have a bad habit of leaving money on the table.
The drugstock, did you know that here in Latam, many people use Grindr as a drug sell service? I'll never understand why people spend so much $ on that garbage.
Tesla is cooked, Musk is literally rug pulling us all in broad daylight, company has been nowhere near as innovative recently as it once was, his drug use has cooked his brain and since he was what made TSLA valuable, when he goes, the whole company does, they're losing marketshare. Puts puts puts!
It’s the cocaine…..hell of a drug
No, it's not. Past 40 years, 700% growth. LLY past 5 years, 700% growth. Is it undervalued? Probably Should you it? No Unless they actually manage to create a revolutionary drug or some new medicine for some common disease/condition, just avoid big Pharma.
If I had invested when I got my first iPod, which was what my "instincts" told me to do, shares were 33 cents. Since that time I've probably narrowly avoided death hundreds of times without even realizing. I've stood next to potential bosses, partners, and life changing opportunities without recognizing them. I've driven past gas stations where I could have bought a winning powerball ticket. I've taken many shits which could have been improved with different diet choices. Stop living in a moment that never happened for you, it's pointless. If you want to fantasize, fantasize about something fun. Find something else to think about. Go outside. Develop a drug habit, etc.
if it gets approved the stock still might rise before people realize the drug isn't that useful not financial advice
Ambien is a hell of a drug
‘Cocaine’s a helluva Drug.’
Drug drugs? Anyone have drugs?
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