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Just got off the phone with Dave Thomas. They’re flooded with applications from NVDA bers and SPY hustlers.
I heard off my mate Dave. The CCP were going to short Apple and AMD and NVIDA then do a pretend invasion just screw over all the Apes on Wall Street bets .
Things I’ve figured out since 2020 1. Birds aren’t real they are just spy drones for the CIA 2. Mountains aren’t real either they’re just big flat backdrops that they use to hide sweet water parks they don’t want us to know about 3. When you go on an airplane you’re actually traveling underground and they just play a video on all the windows to make you *think* you’re up in the air. The reason they won’t go in the air is because of #4. 4. There is no sky. Seriously. It’s just a big blue piece of construction paper they draw clouds and shit on. This is the lynchpin of the whole conspiracy. The paper is there to keep us from knowing #5. 5. Earth is really just a giant Taco Bell but they don’t want us to think outside the bun that’s why they only let you buy burgers with soggy reheated fries woh woh. Dave Thomas is still alive and not only is he running Wendy’s he’s running the whole fucking show maaaan
I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that ![img](emote|t5_2th52|51295)
No I will not buy your vest, Dave Lauer! 😂 Nice try, buddy.
Who’s that guy with the white hair standing next to Dave?
Can I have a double dave, two baconators, a chilli cheese bacon potato, a large fries, a avocado chicken club.... And a small diet coke. Thanks op
Sold at this top, fuck it. I now have enough to spend Memorial day at Dave and Busters.
As dave ramsey says, consider it stupid tax and dont ever trade again. You have a great career ahead of you with potential to make some serious money. Focus your energy on your job to earn top dollar. Get all your debts paid off, then start a clean slate. Learn about investing, there is no get rich quick scheme in this world.
Also you should seek a therapist. Sometimes good ones can really help you put things into perspective. You are literally at the start of adult life. You could start 100k in the hole and climb out easily. It may sound insulting but try watching Dave Ramsey for a year and tell me you don’t have a different plan and outlook afterwards.
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