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Dave Ramsey over here.
We got that. But AI Dave is cool too.
I wish we could somehow resurrect an engram of Dave Thomas so he could weigh in on this.
Dave Thomas AI. That's what we need. Plus the Bacon Mushroom Melt.
That's what I mean. I think this is what they intend, they just f'd the delivery so bad it turned into a mess. The way companies are price gouging though, the only way Dave is coming back is if they serve him as a burger to save money and increase their bottom line.
> Bring back Dave. From the dead?
Dave charges 50$ for a frosty... everyone knows that
I can imagine the intoxicated late night clubbers in the drive thru getting food and realizing the next morning they paid $18.00 for a Dave single and a Frosty.
That would be a better marketing plan than this ceo offered. Bring back Dave.
Dave Triple 10c 3/1 it’s gonna print!
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