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Hmm… we don’t actually have Twitter’s current valuation, only some write down values. let’s do a comp… SNAP was $30-$40 in 1H 2022… hit a low in the $8’s in 2023. Again, Twitter was about to implode anyways. Way over-hired, burning cash hand over fist. They aren’t in nearly the same dire situation, and given the funding climate in the last 2 years, additional investor funds would have been quite difficult. So valuation was going to crater anyways. In the meantime, Twitter has shipped much more software and added a slew of features and services.
Not sure what the laws are where you live but if shes been living with the new guy for months depending on how long, wouldn’t that count as common law? The hell are you supporting her sugar baby for lol thats just wild to me, hopefully your in a state that doesn’t put up with that shit. “In some states—including Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas—a recipient's cohabitation will also end the obligation to pay spousal support. In this situation, however, the paying spouse will often have to file a motion to vacate the existing alimony order and provide proof that the recipient is living with someone in the type of relationship that qualifies as cohabitation under that state's laws. (750 Ill. Comp. Stat. 5/510(c), N.C. Gen. Stat. § 50-16.9(b), Tex. Fam. Code § 8.056(b) (2023).) If your state's laws don't mention cohabitation as a reason to end alimony, you may still file a motion to change or end spousal support. “
Seems like fantastic evidence of poor leadership & a good reason for every shareholder to vote against a massive comp package for this maniac.
I feel that I was on workers comp for like 8 months and despite dealing with an injury it was so nice to have freedom
That lawsuit was about his previous comp package. I thought it didn’t affect his new package with the 25%
If Elon gets his new comp package he will manipulate it back up
You really don't know how little the Europoors make. Their starting pay is quite literally close to McDonald's pay. 15-20/ hour. And that was my whole point. Europoor engineering salary is so shit they might as well work at Mickey Ds. Go on glassdoor and check for yourself. Mech E average salary in France is 36-48K. That's average salary, not average starting salary. Not some hick company with 5 people either. Airbus, Safran, Stellantis etc. In fact the only higher paying ones are American companies. Mech E with 5 YOE gets like 25-30 euro/ hour in MCOL urban areas. How do I know? My last company was very proficient at poaching Europoors. As far as working more OT, big companies rarely asked me for anything, and smaller companies I always ask for 1.5X comp time.
Sooner or later theyll have to release micro transactions: DLC Update Cost: $20 C-Class comp fee: $4 Stock-Buyback fee: $4 Convenience fee: $2
Couple other things to add. Sowmyanarayan Sampath the CEO of the consumer group is doing all things right for the employees. I personally made the most money in my 6 years there with the new comp plan he put in place. Same goes for a lot of other reps. Dan Loeb hedge fund manager just loaded up on Verizon. Insiders have been buying more than selling.
Trading algorithm is High School level comp sci. Ask it to write a program that decompiles C code into Cuda
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