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CGC puts for meee
CGC Calls?
Hoping that CAVA, COST, DELL and CGC don't poop the bed.
PLTR calls for June (for their inclusion into the S&P500), then CGC calls waiting for the pump around reclassification of weed in about 2 months
edited main post now with graph of cgc. Sector has been beaten up and rightfully so. There were only a handful names not bleeding money. This is about to change. Big time
cgc I remember was around 85% in one day (check 29-30 April) if we count after hours trading, during regular trading hours was around 80%. And there are call options too... You are right in that they shorted everything next day tho. Eventually shorts will go long or get squeezed. Fundamentals are about to radically change here.
I just keep averaging down my CGC leaps lol.
man I hope so cause these CGC bags are getting heavier by the day
Hey so uh, you guys wanna buy 409 CGC shares @ 13.42? It’s going to the moon I swear.
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