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I don’t believe any of their numbers. The value on grow equipment has declined greatly recently with lots of inventory liquidations and so many products out there are snake oil with little intrinsic value for growing. I saw a picture of CGC clone room and their setup is worthless trash, looks like they took advice from one of the many wannabe consultants with years closet growing experience.
Lots of short sellers putting anything they can put. Tilray is smart by adding beverages that have much better financial value that cannabis does now. Pharmaceutical Distribution for medical cannabis. EU cannabis especially Germany Descheduling January 1, 2024 and all major LPs are licensed and have GMP medical certified facilities built and operating in Europe. The only LP biting it’s lip to get into USA cannabis is CGC.
Made 1K on CGC today, then $700 on QQQ puts
There are so many people trapped in that stock now. If you can live the next 6 months to a year with out the money. I’d hold out. Congress gonna pass a weed bill. Even tho cgc has nothing on that it will rise out of sympathy. And they are doing something with weed.
I don't like CGC, but I have had regrets avoiding it . CGC Could go to $3.50 I will not be surprised seeing it. Just because you have lost in CGC on paper, no reason to keep buying it. Other cannabis stocks can be bought, even ETFs.
Hate to break it to you Chief but CGC went from $.40-$1.70 in 2 weeks… that was the squeeze
Wait, so a NKLA investor is encouraging a CGC to keep throwing good money at a bad company? Oh god no guys. I get it, WSB and all, but don’t go full regard.
If you're a gambling man, and we know you are because you bought 20k shares of CGC, you could cover the Jan 16th @ $0.50 strike for $0.53 would net you $10,600, use those proceeds for weekly covered puts until Jan 16th.
FWIW, I am currently down 55% on NKLA, (full disclosure, that is after reinvesting several thousand in profit from prior NKLA stock trades, so right now about break even from my very first investment into the company) and I keep buying more because I believe the stock WILL go back up and that the company is perfectly viable. So, if you feel the same about CGC, and you can afford it, why WOULDN'T you buy more at a bargain price? I keep beating the couch cushions to buy more NKLA. I will either be bust or I will be a millionaire eventually. Not worried about it. All my bills and needs are taken care of first, so the money I put in is not money I NEED for anything else. Best wishes to you!
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