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Bbby will moon
Can we please have 45 minutes of silence to pay respects to BBBY?
Still makes more sense than the BBBY bull case
The stock price of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) is down 34.29% today to $0.12 per share. This is a huge drop and indicates that the company is in serious trouble financially. The market capitalization of BBBY is now just $82 million, which shows how much value has been wiped out for shareholders over the past year or so.
Costumes over towels boys, although BBBY did come in handy a few years for me with my pretty sweet sheet ghost costumes. đź‘»
Bullish!! They had to cover up the return of bbby because teddy holding reverse merger acquisition Ryan cohen secret plan 999
DG is going to definitely get the BBBY type cult jump. It might be good to yolo a bit knowing it will get some idiot hands that love when stocks get Q added to them. They will all have DD like “this is where I get my 2% milk so it’s definitely bullshit” Then a fake RC twitter account will post a picture of a dollar bill and we are off. Just sell a week after the subreddit gets created.
Does this mean I should buy BBBY calls? ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
I'll admit I don't. I tried the WSB way with bbby and lost $8k of my $20k position. First trade ever is 20k on bbby at that time. That's gotta be a pretty "wsb way of doing things" lol. Since then I've just been doing boring ETFs and normal trades and have been up probably 24%. Until the rocketlab failure anyways. (Still up 4% on it and have increased my position 300% today). If WSB is saying puts and calls, I'm gonna buy more dividends. I've earned a couple thousand this year just for allowing them the privilege of borrowing my money. (hopefully with great interest from share growth long term too!) The reason I don't know what puts and calls are is because I would like to keep having money to loan these clowns. 🤣 I've learned about them a bit, but everytime someone posts trades like this it makes it more confusing. Lol doesn't help that my adhd brain pisses off to outerspace when looking at any number for more than 2 seconds. Haha
I did claim housing was going to crash but I didn’t put a date on it since it can be affected by so many outside variables and if I did forecast all of the variables it would’ve been some huge quantitative write up nobody would’ve read. Also I think you mean BBBY not BBY and I just posted a chart because I was day trading it. It was pretty simple because of the gamma hedging steam trains intraday. Also I do have more info but this stuff will definitely be front run into the first weeks of Oct
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