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#Will SOUN be the next BBBY or SMCI? #Find out today at 4
BBBY is dead bro move on
yeah but even bbby went ham before it did
I very much remember folks getting fucked over buying bbby puts back when they went under be careful
BBBY calls easy $
I get so tired of the "do your research" refrain. The BBBY regards said shit like that. Don't be those guys. A store of value has intrinsic value underpinning it. Bitcoin has nothing. It's magical nothing beans. During Tulip Mania people thought Tulips were a store of value too... Bitcoin is fucking stupid. Do you think you have some magical understanding that makes it useful? It solves zero unsolved problems (don't even try the Byzantine Generals bullshit). It solves zero previously solved problems better. It's not better. At absolute best it is just different. That is the most charitable description of Bitcoin. As such, any practical description or pessimistic description will automatically have to start from a point where it is worse.
Watch under old ticker for bbby come back and media users beyond meat symbol Instead
I was about 18 months early on BBBY This is the same exact garbage
SOUN feels like the early stages of BBBY right now- next week might be the real run up
So soun is the next bbby play?
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