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Yes with bbby….both will close
People who had their BBBY shares canceled almost a year ago are tap dancing in their cult subs over RC getting away with the pump and dump on them Can’t make this shit up, gotta be some sort of self financial findom thing
Wait wait wait, is that trash pumping because Ryan Cohen got away with the BBBY pump and dump? Fuck me, that's hilarious in so many ways
Remember when RC rug pulled on BBBY? Yeah, that would never happen again.
Not enough id say, I want the moon or I want the way of BBBY and I want it now
Ay least you didn't give up on BBBY yet That sub is still waiting for their butterfly
This the bastard totally fucked investors in bbby
This is r/bbby in a nutshell. STILL. YEARS after bankruptcy is done and washed. Still got people over there posting "DD" on how it still could turn around. It is actually quite sad.
He juiced us on BBBY but this time it’s totally really in our best interest guys! Power to the players lmao
BBBY was dirt cheap because bankruptcy was looming and everyone knew it. That's not comparable in any way to Nvidia's situation. Also, Carvana sold for around $5 for a little bit due to the same bankruptcy concerns BBBY faced, but they raised money and became a kingmaker of those who held, so there's obviously nuance to holding vs selling borderline penny stocks. To OP, hold. Only defensible reason to sell Nvidia is to play hero ball by trying to buy even more of it at a lower price, but that's too hard in practice.
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