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That's assuming Intel actually gets their shit together and gets solid yields with all those ASML lithography machines they just bought up for upcoming die shrinks. That's a big IF given Intel's poor record in this area over the last decade, investors certainly aren't sold on it. They spent half a decade at 14nm...dicking with poor 10nm yields far longer than the competition.
if you're telling me to be a sheep and follow the herd until there're signs of a sinking ship, no that's not really good advice. There's no guarantee you will exit properly before the smart money does. Remember in April when TSMC and ASML had bad earnings, and suddenly NVDA dropped almost 25%? Well were you gonna jump ship then or stay? If you stayed, what if 10 year rate continued going up to 5%, MSFT + GOOGL + AMZN had mediocre earnings, NVDA continued dropping to -40% or half before earnings, and then report a bad outlook forecast (while still beating earnings estimate), and the stock tanks even more? You gonna sell before they report, or are you gonna hold through a -50%? I'm not gonna bet against NVDA because I have to pay interest to hold through my position, but I don't see the risk/reward for NVDA being that attractive. Eventually at some point the law of large number apply, and it can drop double digits easy from just any trivial bad news.
Why is ASML not supported on Robinhood
Intel is betting on the High NA EUV Technology. Intel has ordered all High NA systems from ASML available in 2024 and therefore keeping the lead compared to TSMC. If HNA EUV is a commercial success and they can keep their 1-2 year lead over TSMC Intel might be back in business in 5 years. It’s essentially a battle between using conventional EUV with double patterning or using high NA EUV with a single exposure. Therefor this battle will decided by ASML and their supply chain… What do you thing which technology will prevail?
Huawei is already making workarounds for that.
The Netherlands can just shut down anything going on at tsmc more or less overnight. Anything ASML tech is required for in any case. And that’d be enough. There’s so many moving parts that TSMC can’t make any call alone, and that’s the important detail here
Alright I don’t own the company Idk 🤷 a thing about them. Are they like asml that I do own? Do tell me so I could educate myself
Apart from the fact ASML can deactivate the EUV machines remotely
Right now INTC has nothing but promises for the AI tech. Revenue is dropping. MSFT also ditched them, and pushing Windows on ARM. If that succeeds INTC revenue will tank and so the stock price. Their only advantage is the newest lithography from ASML, but they are still few years from implementing it. A lot can happen in a few years. INTC stock is cheap right now, assuming they’ll manage to survive until the new fabs will actually make profit, because by then they’ll at least could compete with TSMC. But risk is also high.
Regards here do not know what ASML is or does.
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