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avax'a bakma şansın var mı
about 9 hours ago

favorilerim: bnb sol link avax dot <3 <3
about 14 hours ago

@stankerstok lol... if it's decentralized anybody can spin up whatever they want. when Solana gets anywhere near Polygon traction you'll see rugs and scams same with Fantom or Avax.
about 14 hours ago

Love your work Trout, great to see you getting involved in avax
about 14 hours ago

And what's up with pruned nodes? Where is that (in terms of execution) in the AVAX network?
about 15 hours ago

Ya, let's talk about state growth. 40GB for a AVAX node right now. At this growth rate, it will catch up to the size of the BCH blockchain in about a year.
about 15 hours ago

avax ne kadar
about 16 hours ago

avax validatörü olmak çık kafamdan
about 16 hours ago

Avax a destek direnç noktalarında 15.500 bilemedin hainn erkek
about 16 hours ago

Oğuzhan Avax ta 15.500 direncini niye söylemedin dün 16 yı bekledik mefta olduk 😂
about 16 hours ago

oui avax sorry
about 17 hours ago

avax la maison dessus
about 19 hours ago

abi avax a yapılırmı yatırım sence
about 21 hours ago

avax hakkında ne düşünüyorsun
about 22 hours ago

Avax için adet arttırmak istiyorum destek direnç çizer misin?
about 23 hours ago

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