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Attempted to buy the nvidia dip, MVIS and NFLX better save me today ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
JPM upgrades NFLX to $470. Wells Fargo upgrades NFLX to $500. NFLX +2.5% premarket. It’s going to explode up today. And idiots here in the discussion yesterday asked if they should be shorting the stock 🤡
I am long on NFLX. I don’t think it’s a clear buy but definitively a hold and it won’t go down any time soon. All the other streaming services are losing money and they will eventually cash in on this through IP licensing or acquisitions. The soonest it could go down would be next earnings if numbers in the US are very bad due to the crackdown. But I don’t think the numbers will be bad. For every guy cancelling his Netflix, one of the 3 people he was sharing with will get his own subscription
Yes it is, because we are in a phase where valuations don't matter. By all financial means NFLX is hugely overvalued, but since it already is, there is literally nothing stopping it from getting even more overvalued. Applies to many of the big techs right now... Just stay on the sidelines or buy cheap value stocks for huge gains over the next years.
Depends on how much time you're buying. NFLX is going to clear 500 by EOY. But there's a good chance it dips to 385 by the end of July, and by the end of June if we're lucky. If you see NFLX touch 380 this month you should go full port 30dte calls.
NFLX $420C for next week
I bought $180K worth of NFLX at 170 but I sold it all at 310
I’m one of the suckers that decided to bite the bullet and buy. I had just gotten into Dark and in fairness NFLX spends billions on content knowing most will fail. Not saying I’m not annoyed, but I do enjoy Stranger Things, I Think You Should Leave, and a few other originals
Netflix kicked me out of the household? Cool, content is trash anyways NFLX puts
TQQQ 3m: +58.06% FNGU 3m: +125.5% FNGU is triple-leveraged AAPL / AMZN / AMD / NFLX / NVDA / TSLA / SNOW / GOOGL / META / MSFT Basically it’s TQQQ without the fat
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