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First 100k was mostly income, and dumping a lot into AAPL, NFLX, and GOOG and holding for like 10 years. Next 100k is proving to be harder, because my income hasn't kept pace with inflation, so even though I am earning more, I don't have as much to DCA into the market.
Long term to me is minimum 5 years. And a company does not need to consistently beat the S&P over that the entirety of the S&P’s existence. It only needs to beat it while you are holding it. Examples where I blew it by selling early due to poor stock performance but the companies still beat the S&P over the long term, which is since my initial purchase: NFLX NVDA TSLA Had I just held them for 5 years I would have much more $ today. Oh well. That said, I am still beating the index across multiple accounts as of end of November for 5+ years.
I sold my nflx and ual puts Friday because I thought we were gonna be jammed up here all December. What a shame
“Netflix, $NFLX, gave $11 million to filmmaker Carl Rinsch. He deposited $10.5 million into his Charles Schwab trading account. He lost $6 million trading crypto and options.” Imagine being this based. You can’t.
NFLX. Bought at $24. It dropped to 12. Doubled down there. Sold at $40. Thinking I was a genius
Sold my nflx puts yday SMFH
Sold 2,000 shares of NFLX @ $11 in 2004.
Been shorting NFLX since $400 finally got one right ![img](emote|t5_2th52|33495)
So there a etf for mag 7 now ...that didn't take long congrats NVDA for bumping off nflx lol
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