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40k on 1 single amazon leap call option (before split)
Bruh, what LEAP? Let me copy your homework.
Rates cut means somethings finally broke. Only printer going Burrrr will be puts and leap calls on TLT
What about leap years?
Whether they will or won’t is completely different to if they have a stake or incentive. India at least would probably leap at the chance of a busy China to retake the disputed territories like Aksai Chin. Meanwhile Phillipines would be more aggressive in the South China Sea
This is made-up history. Mao had subordinates but was paramount leader. He had enormous, vast power in China. See the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. He overruled Deng all the time.
Yes, you got it. The consequences of it going over your call price are: as the price keeps going up, your marginal gains will begin to decrease to the point that they will start going negative. But it has to go Wayyyyyy over your call price for the marginal gains to actually go negative and it’s very easy to avoid. That’s what happened to my one NVDA leap that I was forced to sell at $535, and I still made over $25k on that one. There are a LOT of nuances in options trading that you will only understand by experience. And it will take a couple of years for even an intelligent person to really wrap their head around it all. There is NO single formula for making money. One needs a little bit of smarts, a little bit of wisdom, and a lot of experience. If you are not already, get a paper trading account and trade like crazy. Simultaneously, trades SMALL amounts in a real account. Make sure you are fluent in the Greeks, especially delta, theta, and gamma. Once you THOROUGHLY understand how they interrelate and can make and manage trades with those in mind (I.e. use them, not just understand them hypothetically), then you will be most of the way there. Your best profits will be your consistent profits. Going for maximum profits is like trying to fly too close to the sun…it’s fun but potentially dangerous.
ok, I definitely get most of it. You are basically buying a deep ITM LEAP with a delta as close to 1 as possible. So that ideally everyone $1 dollar move in the stock gives you a $1 move in the option value. At the same time, you sell a short dated (maybe 30 days) OTM call. The ideal situation would be the stock goes up, but never above the call strike price you sell - that way it expires worthless, and you collect all the premium, while you also make some profit on the LEAP you bought. But even if the stock goes down, as long as it doesn't go down more than the premium you collect for the call you sold, then you are still profitable. Worst case, the stock craters, you get the premium, but it likely won't make-up for the losses on the LEAP you bought. Still working on figuring out what the consequences are of the call you sold going above the strike price. I guess it costs you money, but that is offset by the LEAP also gaining in value?
Yeah lots of potential. Sorry when I saw the graph without dates on the x axis, I figured you were talking about entering the log move in AI where it’s hard to say if we have. I do expect some great things to come of this technology. I think another huge leap will come with human/computer interface tech.
Wait, I feel really dumb. You can sell calls on a leap? I thought you could only sell calls if you owned 100 shares?
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