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Because hyperinflation would cause spy to go to 1k... 2k... since dollars aren't worth nada
18 minutes ago
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Saying sweet things and just acknowledging their capabilities go a long way
18 minutes ago
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Guilty untill proven innocent but some how ruin your life waiting to find out or go broke trying cop said so sorry guys made up rules are made up rulez
19 minutes ago
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imo china and north korea will get involved of that happens. china can’t allow russia getting taken out because then it’s basically just them against the rest of the world. if north korea, russia, china, and possibly iran go to war against nato it would be a close one
20 minutes ago
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Go to a sauna for 1 hr/day and sweat out the toxins
20 minutes ago
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I like how cops go to a police academy for a few months and then think they know every law in existence. Neat.
25 minutes ago
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Gentlemen SPY 3870 and then we go to 3230, save the chat.
31 minutes ago
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Go on!
36 minutes ago
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“There is nothing, I think, more unfortunate than to have soft, chubby, fat-looking children who go to watch their school play basketball every Saturday and regard that as their weeks exercise.” —[John F. Kennedy](
37 minutes ago
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So you're telling me, you just see red, bro? When you see red, it's go time?
37 minutes ago
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