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Wanna bet? MSFT left ports open and who knows how many hackers accessed that. AWS S3 went down taking down half of internet. There are plenty of examples. We can argue but there will be a postmortem here. And if I am pretty sure company has T&C to protect itself. This company is deeply rooted everywhere. It isn’t going anywhere. Plus, how do you know that some other company can’t have bugs?
-1800 on AVGO call a month ago. -900 Spy 0dte $553 July 19 c. Everything else is theta decay
C- at best
I am the manager of a municipality’s IT department. I’ve been working on recovering physical and virtual servers as well as end-user workstations since 2:00AM this morning. CrowdStrike did not “take the internet offline”. The issue has nothing to do with internet connectivity whatsoever. Rather the issue was much more invasive, IMO. For those wondering, this entirely revolves around an incompatibility between Windows based operating systems and a recent update that CrowdStrike had pushed out to its customers. The symptom was that workstations and servers alike would encounter BSOD errors. How something like this passed their QC is beyond me. CrowdStrike had already pushed out an update to remedy the situation shortly after it was released. The problem is that many companies’ domain controllers were also affected. No DC = no DNS and therefore no ability to automatically receive the hotfix. You will see a lot of people complaining that they had to “reboot their computer 15 times to get passed it.” Rebooting repeatedly seems like it helps because their workstation is receiving the hotfix and after being interrupted multiple times, finally installs it fully after X number of reboots. In reality, for those who aren’t tech-savvy, the better bet is to simply leave the workstation alone for a while and then try a reboot. Repeatedly rebooting is pointless at best. The more direct fix (and the one that I have been implementing manually since 2AM) is to boot the affected appliance into safe mode with command prompt, navigating to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\CrowdStrike (case sensitive) and then running a delete command for the affected .sys file. In this case, “C-000291-000000-000000-000030.sys” Don’t quote me on that file name, I likely didn’t get the length of zeroes exact, but the main point is the “030” in the last block of number and the “291” in the first block. This is the problematic update file and upon deleting it and rebooting, your workstation or server will be restored. Hope this helps somebody.
Saw a programmer on X saying that it could be a ploy to get cloud strike to move from C++ to Rust, which is run by a bunch of woke mofos, and since cloudstrike secures our elections…yeah. Also of note: cloudstrike wiped Hilary’s server AND received a payout from the DNC the day after Seth Rich was murdered, soooo totally not shady at all those guys.
I mean even the Symantec Antivirus stuff for D E C A D E S never shat the bed with it's own live updates 😂 (McAfee would always shoot themselves in the foot).
Typical top heavy none tech savvy leadership. All they know is how to talk buzzwords, golf, and take credit for the revenue gap between their peeon's salary and EBIDA. Truly scary how sleep walking these hogs get. My MSP was drinking CrowdStrikes Kool aid big time. Made me wonder how much stock my C level bought... Do I hear - Conflict of interest. Dirty
Lucky, I had to walk people through deleting C-00000291*.sys as most the work force is remote and encrypted with bitlocker lol
Boot to safe mode and navigate to: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/CrowdStrike Find the file called 'C00000291-xxxxx-xxxxx.sys' and delete it. (x's can be anything) Reboot and it will no longer be stuck in a loop.
As long as nvda doesn’t break the previous low, I think it’s 116 or 117, could just double bottom, but who knows at this point everything just been getting hit hard, amd broke out and felt like 30$, I got 185 c for amd @ 175, idk why I’m still holding this (bought these Tuesday lod)
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