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@barryz para ter acesso aos demais precisa stackar a moeda deles, CRO por um tempo
about 6 hours ago

Cro be everywhere tho. lol
about 6 hours ago

Builds matrix to find what cro is up to Kappa
about 6 hours ago

any thoughts on cro?
about 6 hours ago

@sapphiresun no cro no era para que entres...era para esperar unos dias!! aver que pasa
about 8 hours ago

che ne pensi di cro?
about 11 hours ago

Yo !T’en pense quoi du cro
about 11 hours ago

son 25 en moneda cro..
about 12 hours ago

Et le Cro ?
about 13 hours ago

$ = buy up to price. PRXY $50, ELA $6, SEFI $.20, XLM $ .50, Cudo $ .10, CSPR $ .2, OPUL 5$, FIRO $15, HBAR $ .50, VXV $15, REN $2, BEPRO $.02, ANKR $.15, Waxp $1, ALBT $1.00, SCRT $12, Dash $300, UNORE $1, BMI $.50, LSS $2, CEEK $.30, CRO $.35 (Stocks) CAN $13, RIOT $38, DMGI $1.50
about 13 hours ago

FTX playing hard on NFT's they are getting behind of CRO by a lot
about 14 hours ago

Clarification *I own an ass ton of CRO* CoolStoryBob
about 14 hours ago

Cro la metti tra i grandi ormai ?
about 14 hours ago

Have you done CRO yet today SHeldon?
about 14 hours ago

about 14 hours ago

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