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Why TSLA Buzz is up 35.16% over the last week

It might be worth keeping an eye on TSLA this week. It's the number 6 most mentioned stock in the last 7 days. There was a noticeable uptick in chatter, with the stock garnering 975 mentions on /r/wallstreetbets. That represents 0.33% of all comments in the last 7 days versus an average 0.24% over the previous week. That is a 35.16% increase. 

Take look at the sentiment history of TSLA.

TSLA is 533.75% above it's 52 week low and 17.49% below it's 52 week high in recent trading.
Traders on Wallstreetbets have mentioned 0 call positions and 4 put positions over the last 7 days. You can check out the most recently mentioned positions here

 Most Popular Puts 

  Expiration: 11/06  Strike: 200
  Expiration: 11/06  Strike: 500
  Expiration: 11/06  Strike: 450 

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What they're saying 

SexlessNights says: “Buy TSLA” 🚀 

HotStockSlinger says: Why are those kids not in the cave digging to save my TSLA calls? 

SnooPaintings8503 says: first gain was a put on PLAY, slow gain was diversified into 20 stocks, but mainly TSLA, AMZ,BA,CCL, and CHGG 

BoonTobias says: Et tu tsla? 

Bluebeyblade says: Ark ETFs are sometimes TSLA in disguise 

Yabbadabbadabbado says: Pfizer announce vaccine 100% effective if taken with ACB gummies in a TSLA 

Standard-Customer-11 says: TSLA pinned @ 420 NIO will be pinned @ 69 Best DD of my life 

hellokittyss1 says: It’s amazing how nio went from barely cracking $17 to now aiming for $50 in two months. Def new TSLA but how far will you ride it