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Shares of OVV are trading 9% higher as energy sector rockets on OPEC news

Ovintiv Inc (OVV) is trading 9% higher at $50 today. So far the Energy sector has been having a optimistic day, and the share price of the company is outperforming it's peers. The market is undergoing a significant macro move (2.16%) which could be a factor in the stock's movement.

Ovintiv Inc has been trading between a 52-week high of $62.72 and a 52-week low of $29.12. The stock has a market cap of $12.7 Billion.

As you can imagine, the internet had a few things to say about the price move. Here's a few choice comments from the Reddit Traderverse™:

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Time to add even more positions of OXY, DVN, PXD, SM, OVV, RRC, MRO, MPC