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Shares of TOUR are trading -7% lower today. A quick overview:

Tuniu Corporatio Ads (TOUR) is trading -7% lower at $0.9975 today.

Tuniu Corporatio Ads has been trading between a 52-week high of $1.5 and a 52-week low of $0.4555. The stock has a market cap of $118 Million.

Tuniu Corporation is a leading online leisure travel company in Chinathat offers a large selection of packaged tours, including organized and self-guided tours, as well as travel-related services for leisure travelers through its website tuniu.com and mobile platform. Tuniu covers over 420 departing cities throughout Chinaand all popular destinations worldwide. Tuniu provides one-stop leisure travel solutions and a compelling customer experience through its online platform and offline service network, including a dedicated team of professional customer service representatives, 24/7 call centers, extensive networks of offline retail stores and self-operated local tour operators.


Tuniu to Report Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results on December 1, 2022
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decentish36 - 2 upvotes - source
Not gonna lie I always assumed the peloton was named after the main group of cyclists in professional bike races like the Tour de France

CockGoblinReturns - 1 upvotes - source
Apple made a tv show about him -Camera pans down to Adam Neumann face down in a puddle of mud-. "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here. Well, it all started 10 years ago...." -Opening theme song starts playing which ends with the lyrics 'The Inside Story of Adam Neumann and WeWork'- #Episode 1: The Start (Up) The show begins with a fresh faced 22 year old Adam Neumann at his college graduation. He breaks the 4th wall to speak directly to the camera as he's walking down the steps after receiving his diploma. "All my life I dreamed up about owning a start up, and now's my chance. But first I got to gain some experience" Fast forward to Adam Neumann at his first job out of college, a boiler plate startup located above a boiling alley. Adam to his boss: "Uh sir, it's hard to concentrate with all the boiling balls crashing into the pins". The Boss: "Keep it up Adam Neumann, if you can work through this you can work through world war 3" #Episode 2: The Business (Plan) The show begins with a 23 year old Adam Neumann selling his stock options for millions of dollars from his first job. He breaks the 4th wall to speak directly to the camera as he's walking out of the office the day the acquisition completed. "I got the money. I got the experience. I got the idea. Now time to make it happen" Fast forward to Adam buying his first office....And abandoned warehouse in the ol' spaghetti packing district of San Jose Ca. "Well it aint much, but it's a start. Now to get my first residents" Adam Neumann befalls to stand outside a street corner wearing a sign that says 'Office Space". There is a montage of this that covers one week, that starts with Adam looking optimistic, and then nobody talks to him, and ends with him passed out on the floor of the sidewalk, still wearing the sign. "Hey buddy, are you ok?" Adam opens his eyes and it's Mark fucking Zuckerburg! "Hey kid, I see you got the spirit. Can I pick your brain over some coffees?" They go inside and Adam explains his dream of owning office space. Mark thinks its a good plan and is perplexed about why it isn't working, until they visit the warehouse and it's pretty run down and spooky. Mark: "Uh, wow. Ok. Well, we just got to get creative. You don't have the aesthetics. Lets see what else you can offer". #Episode 3 Preview: Adam Neumann dressed up in a clown suit juggling watermelons. #Episode 3: Grow (At All Costs) Mark Zuckerburg gives Adam Neumann a makeover, but it's a clown suit. They then hit the streets and Adam starts juggling watermelons. They attract quite a crowd and Adam says if they want more of this, they can work at wework. The crowd then agrees to go on a tour of the place. Adam winks at Zuckerburg who winks back. At the modest office space, the crowd is less than impressed. 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Adam wants to buy more floors of the building, but Zuckerburg feigns shock 'But Adam, the biggest draw to the office space are your acts! How are people on other floors going to see your acts if they're on completely different floor!" That's when Adam presses a button his his desk which makes a buzzing noise, and that cues in some performers onto the circular stage in the middle of the floor (that's where the meeting is taking place, with all the office workers' desks still facing the meeting and everyone watching. Adam brilliantly had his investor meeting as one of his bi-daily acts for the day). Onto the stage come a crew of clowns, magicians, acrobats, dancers, and comedians. The surround the meeting table, and Zuckerburg is so impressed he invests another 500k into the Adam's business. And the tenants reaction to the meeting was priceless. One exclaimed 'this is the best one yet!'. Another exclaimed 'this was extremely business educational'. They all crowd Adam, demanding to buy more months of office lease. Adam winks at Zuckerburg who winks back. #Episode 5 More Money (More Problems) Fast forward 1 month. Adam had purchased the floor above his in the building, and had dressed it up and was ready to take on new customers. He hits the street with his sign, and Mark Zuckerburg comes for moral support. But everyone they talk to said they just signed a new workspace lease. 'But we're the hottest workspace in town. Who did you sign with' and they point to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, both grinning at Adam. Were they watching this whole time? Jeff Bezos said 'That's right Adam, your idea was good' Elon Musk said 'Too good, so we stole it. Thanks for the idea and money' And they both started laughing in unison. Adam said 'I'm not afraid of you, I also have a Billionaire on my side' and looks to Mark Zuckerburg for moral support. But Mark says 'uh, sorry Adam. But billionaires don't directly mess with other Billionaires' Adam says "But Mark, these are pretty powerful guys" And Mark says "if you can work through this you can work through world war 3" and that's when a rope ladder lowers from the sky. Adam looks up and it's attached to a helicopter. Mark grabs a hold of it and as he's flying away offers some final encouragement to Adam 'Good luck, let me know how it goes' Adam see's Mark flying away and then turns to the smiling Bezos and Musk. The look on Adam's face looks terrified but fierce, brave, and confident. #Episode 6 Corporate (Espionage) -Scene cuts to Adam in a wig, glasses, and beard, with a french accent. He walks up to Elon and Bezos and says 'Bounjour, my name is Pierre and I would like to lease some office space'- Scene cuts to Adam walking into to the Elon and Bezos' coworking space. Adam is blown away. Cavier. Silk wall paper. A gold plated Tesla on a platform. Coconut water. Hermain Miller chairs. But Adam knows that this luxurious are just compensating for love. Adam knew head to head long term, he would win, but Adam didn't have long term money. He needed to win NOW. But HOW? Adam needed to stay longer and gain as much intelligence as he could. That's when the first performance went up. It was Elon Musk doing standup. "A journalist wrote something unflattering about Tesla, I had them followed" and he raised up a poster of some unflattering pictures of the journalist. Bezos laughed, hard, but everyone else was nervously laughing. The next joke was "The left likes cancel culture but they just cancelled themselves. Woke enough for you?", and got the same response. After a few more jokes like this, that's when Adam saw his opportunity and pounced. "Boy, I appreciate the effort, but these performances just aren't entertaining, I wish I had the performances back in the Adam Nuemann coworking space." Adam could see his Ambush was working, but people seemed to be waking out of their luxury induced stupor. But Elon always thinks ahead. Elon yells "Robot Tesla Activate!" And the gold plated tesla stands up. At first Adam thought it was a robot but it was just an elaborate transformers-like costume made of cardboard with someone inside. He rushes Adam but trips over the costume cardboard. That's when Adam uses his chance to escape. He goes outside, gets on his bike, and rides off. But out from the parking lot ride Elon and Bezos in a real Tesla. There's no way Adam can outbike them but the Tesla is in line of cards to checkout of the parking lot. But that advantage doesn't last for long and they're about 1 minute from Adam. Adam then rides onto the freeway ramp. Bezos says "He's stupidier than I thought, at least on the streets he has the advantage of red lights and traffic". But Adam also thinks ahead too. As soon as the Tesla goes on the ramp. Adam ditches his bike and runs back to the street. The Tesla is trapped by cards that come onto the ramp after and they're forced to go onto the freeway. Both Elon and Bezos shake their fist at Adam as he's running away. From the streets Adam looks on from street as the Tesla is forced to go onto the freeway. He then takes off his disguise and walks through the street like normal. He looks at his watch and he realizes: 'He's 1 hour late for his bi-daily performances'. He starts running as fast he can to AdamWork. Would you like part 2?

BloodBonesVoiceGhost - 1 upvotes - source
Nope. It was named after her. And Michele LaTour de France was actually her great great great grandfather, so really the name of the whole tour comes from her family. You would have thought that she could have used her family's greatness for good, but nope-- just for stealing private planes and scamming millions of wine moms out of their hard-earned hipster cash.