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A 34.67% decrease in Buzz for SPY

The alpha generating savants of /r/wallstreetbets are focused on SPY this week. It was mentioned in 3386 comments on /r/wallstreetbets over that time period. That represents 1.13% of all comments this week versus an average 1.74% over the previous week. That is a 34.67% decrease. 

Check out the historical buzz chart here.

SPY is 63.56% above it's 52 week low and 2.03% below it's 52 week high in recent trading.
Traders on Wallstreetbets have mentioned 52 call positions and 57 put positions over the last 7 days. You can check out the most recently mentioned positions here

 Most Popular Calls 

  Expiration: 11/09  Strike: 360
  Expiration: 11/09  Strike: 363
  Expiration: 11/30  Strike: 420 

 Most Popular Puts 

  Expiration: 12/18  Strike: 350
  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 300
  Expiration: 11/13  Strike: 355 

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 What they're saying 

gdsmonster says: Guys my uncle works at SPY and he said they are about to file for bankruptcy. Do with this what you want 

paragon_1235 says: Spy is gonna either go up or down from here. You are welcome. 

aswinneel says: SPY gaining 20% in a year is considered a solid performance when the economy is doing well . We are well on our way and might even end up at 380-400 ie 20% gain from Jan in midst of raging pandemic and all the other economic impact.. Hmmm 

jmc774 says: SPY is the easiest ticker to play options on because it moves so much during the month that both calls and puts print if you wait long enough 

prisonsexx says: Futures green. Spy 370, NIO 50 confirmed. 

BaxterFax says: I swear if Trump ruins my SPY calls ima be heated 

laudy152 says: The fact that it’s still bullish in here makes me feel good about my spy puts 

elusive_crawfish says: Where the 🌈🐻 at? I bought spy puts end of day