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Big Buzz in BABA on WallStreetBets

BABA has seen a great deal of buzz on /r/wallstreetbets over the last 7 days. It was mentioned in 1443 comments on /r/wallstreetbets over that time period. That represents 0.48% of all comments over the last week versus an average 0.07% over the previous week. That is a 557.83% increase. 

You can check out the historical chatter for BABA Here.

BABA is 59.04% above it's 52 week low and 15.35% below it's 52 week high in recent trading.
Traders on Wallstreetbets have mentioned 25 call positions and 1 put positions in the last 7 days. You can check out the most recently mentioned positions here

 Most Popular Calls 

  Expiration: 12/18  Strike: 355
  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 270
  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 295 

 Most Popular Puts 

  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 300 

 In the News 

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What they're saying 

TreeHugChamp says: Sure you do. If you watch Jim Cramer and you bet against everything he tells you to invest in, you could’ve caught zoom, BYND, Microsoft, BABA at the top for ridiculous earnings. Also, I invested in oil after watching him say, “don’t invest in oil.” My calls were +2,000% when I sold them. Watch Cramer and bet against him. 

Poor_Life-choices says: Good night moon Good night calls Good night ZM & Good night balls Good night healthy Good night sick Good night BABA Fuck you RKT, you can suck my **** 

marcus_aurelius_wsb says: https://twitter.com/LONGCONVEXITY/status/1326334674336165888 ALIBABA GROUP FALLS 7.4% IN HONG KONG PREMARKET TRADE RIP my Baba calls. Thanks wsb. 

Jackie296 says: Baba made $56 billion (USD) in sales for Single's day compared to last year's $38 billion. Projected sales for this year was $45 billion. Amazon's Prime day was only $10.4 billion last month. Baba oversold imo. 

Stonk_Collector says: If baba hits $300 tomorrow im seriously getting a tattoo of it on my ass 

_sillycibin_ says: BABA was a smart play and you just got fucked by random chance. Fuck the Chinese regulators. BABA is a fucking awesome company making shit tons of money and had several great catalysts that all got ruined by regulators flexing. NIO is a pure story stock at this point, way overvalued. And even if it does great in say 3-5 years, it's still just a fucking car company. Bending steal. Low margins. Warranties, service, recalls. 

stevejobswasmurdered says: rip to anyone that bought the baba “dip” yesterday 

uMwAegir says: Let’s see BABA open up $10 and then rocket during singles day. A boy can dream. 

UncleIroh1804 says: BABA please forgive me for my transgressions and let me at least break even