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Or when BABA mooned when China fined them? This market is bonkers
16 minutes ago
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Thanks Melinda. guess it wasn't enough that BABA was fucking me.
20 minutes ago
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Yea his BABA layup play was a little sus cuz the only thing I’ve learned from the market is that no play is certain. I’m bullish on BABA myself so I bet he knows what he’s doing but being so sure on it and having BABA down 13% past month did make it look a little sketchy
about 1 hour ago
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MFW the retards in here holding puts don’t even know that the China Huarong Asset Management issues are subsiding and now that the BABA sanctions are clear there is no unknowns. Tons of capital inflow and billions in dark pool prints on Chinese tickers Friday alone. A50 is about to go nuclear and so is the whole world with it.
about 2 hours ago
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BABA $220 by open
about 3 hours ago
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Last summer BABA had an amazing bull run..where did you miss!
about 5 hours ago
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oh BABA spank me harder
about 6 hours ago
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buy more BABA
about 6 hours ago
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I blew up my account on baba calls last summer lmao
about 6 hours ago
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Baba is not overshorted. It's over fudded. Two totally different things
about 8 hours ago
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