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Buying beat down stocks hoping for a violent rebound. PFE and BABA calls for a couple weeks out.
I got 940 stock of $baba @81.5 avg how fucked I am ? Thought 82 was steal that thing ain't going up
BABA price action finding a bottom this week. Still consistently profitable with P/E of 10 while PDD is at P/E of 30 hmm
Pdd mkt cap is as high as BABA wtf
Baba calls 1month out
Threw my whole portfolio on BABA right before the drop. Welp
thoughts on BABA? no way china will let their amazon die
I’d invest in DIS over BABA any day of the week. BABA legit exists just to be shorted
Just now bought BABA Am i gonna die at 99?
If someone built another dating app that was akin to OG Tinder they'd make a killing. These apps today are utter trash. I wanna swipe left or right not play a fucking MMORPG. !banbet BABA 200 2y
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