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Big Buzz in AMD on WallStreetBets

Clocking in at number 9 on this week's most mentioned list is AMD. The stock saw 707 mentions on /r/wallstreetbets. That represents 0.24% of all comments over the last 7 days versus an average 0.2% over the previous week. That is a 16.77% increase. 

Take look at the sentiment history of AMD.

AMD is 126.98% above it's 52 week low and 14.34% below it's 52 week high in recent trading.
Traders on Wallstreetbets have mentioned 5 call positions and 4 put positions this week. You can check out the most recently mentioned positions here

Most Popular Calls 

  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 85.5
  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 89
  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 85 

Most Popular Puts 

  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 77.50
  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 100 

In the News 

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 What they're saying 

 idontlikeflamingos says: AMD on freefall is pure retard market energy with bears thinking people will stop buying video cards and PS5 because of vaccine news 

 donniepump30 says: $DOCU, $AMD, $CGC, $PLTR, $RKT, $TWLO 

 chinster91 says: Buy the AMD dip. It was never a covid stock to begin with. Remember it only broke out of its 50s channel when intel dropped the ball. It's run only came after Intel earnings revealing 7nm delays and AMD blowing out earnings. 

 theboymehoy says: Yeah its a joke I didn't feel like listing the political costs amd provide the balance sheet or batteries being made by congolian children and where everything comes out in the wash 

 idontlikeflamingos says: Yup I'm with you. AMD will grow big in 21 and 22 IMO so I'm buying and holding it until then. 

 cpscott1 says: AMD is so irritating. Anytime it comes close to 90 it immediately dips back around to where it was for weeks.