The Wallstreetbets Buy Signal for Pot Stonks

How TopStonks Themes Signaled a Closer Look at Pot Stonks in October

Published on Feb 03, 2021

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TopStonks Team

  • Pot Stonks have been on a tear recently

  • We identified a buzz alert in our PotStonks Theme back in October

  • Track Existing Themes and look out for new ones

A few months ago, we rolled out a new feature at TopStonks we call: Themes. We track Travel, Mining, Pot, Big Tech, Energy, Short Squeeze Stonks, and now WOOD- the Kathy Wood (ARK Invest) Theme.

More themes coming but, back in October, we highlighted Pot Stonks.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 083659

Wallstreetbets was buzzing about mergers and short interest. Both probably both played a part in pot stonks running up, along with the election. The YOLO ETF took off and hasn't looked back since:


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