Your morning dashboard: FB is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreebets

Published on May 03, 2021

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Your morning dashboard: FB is buzzing 

S&P Futures are up 0.56%  today, Nasdaq is up 0.31%  Europe is 0.73% Oil is up 0.33%, Dollar Index is down 0.17%, etc.

In the news, Iraq Sees Steady Oil Prices and Considers Buying Exxon Stake - Bloomberg

On Wallstreetbets, MVIS, GME, AMD, SPY, and APPL are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 


  • “But MVIS isnt at a normal action below 1 dollar. In fact we havent seen anything near a dollar in over half a year now. More like 7 to 10 on the low end :/”

  • “In 2019 GMEs market cap was 300million or something, while Michael Burry calculated that their net assets were worth over 1 billion. So it was priced at 3$ but it was definitely worth much more. Secondly, their revenue was 6.4 billion, while their total costs were 6.7 billion. The costs were so high because they needlessly wasted a ton of money on an airplane and too many stores. With a few tweaks they could've easily turned a profit over 500million Lastly, the gaming market is much bigger than games, so it's a little bit simple to only look at games. Maybe GME makes it or does not we'll see” 

  • “hard to say. if we ever have a big green day, amd could realistically go to 90. if we keep going sideways and red then amd will probably drop and the chip shortage will be to blame. but amd should be a good long hold as it's price target is around 120 by most analysts.”

  • “This week? buy any dip you can because we're ending the month with SPY 450 minimum.”

  • “there is huge aapl open interest at 135 and 140 for june 18 exp around 300k between both. more on those calls at those dates in the next quarter.”

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