Your morning dashboard: OCGN is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 26, 2021

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Your morning dashboard: OCGN is buzzing 

S&P Futures are down .08% today, Nasdaq is down 0.37%,  Europe is up 1.18%, Oil is down 1.61%, Dollar Index is down 0.05%, etc.

In the news, Treasury Yields Rise on Growth Bets, Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap (

On Wallstreetbets, MVIS, NFLX, VIAC, JD, and CVS are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 


  • “I was all on board with some of the DD on mvis and already have shares and was thinking about calls or leaps. but now I’m starting to second guess what’s going on with all of this DD now in my face about how great it is. I think I’m changing my tune on buying calls and sticking with shares. Maybe get on SPY or QQQ calls instead. Something’s fishy…”

  • “Last week NFLX dropped around 10% after earnings, people holding puts thought they were going to be rich, IV Crush killed their dreams market open.”

  • “The wealthy 'family' that owned VIAC got a margin call and were forced to sell some of their holdings to pay their creditors. They held a lot of VIAC and materially affected the stock price. It's the same stock it was 2 weeks ago. Nothing fundamentally changed. I'm holding.”

  • “I would look at JD down more than 30% from its high for no reason its set to explode to the upside soon average PT by analyts is like $115 its sitting at $76 good financials and JD Logistics set to spinoff IPO soon adding to JD value” 

  •  “So - I've been holding CVS since January and I agree with you. The fact is, CVS is much more than just a convenience store. The AETNA deal and the pharmacy space are HUGE. CVS has maintained profitability while no one goes out to shops for the entire year of covid - and that is HUGE. So - I agree with your post.”

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