Your morning dashboard: NOK is buzzing

Morning buzz on wallstreetbets

Published on Apr 30, 2021

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Your morning dashboard: NOK is buzzing 

 S&P Futures are down 0.48%  today, Nasdaq is down 0.71%, Europe is up 0.76, Oil is down 1.74%, Dollar Index is up 0.22%, etc.

In the news, NIO Earnings Beat Expectations. Why Its Stock Is Dropping. (

On Wallstreetbets, AAPL, FB, TLRY, PINS, and  AMD are dominating the conversation over the last 24 hours. 

Here's what people had to say:

  • “AAPL rolling over like this feels super bearish for all tech”

  • “Nice! Keep holding, Facebook will keep steadily going up as the reopening continues worldwide. I’m up $14K on 200 shares of FB that I have held for about 5 months.”

  • “To be traded only. The mergers are happening because its the only way they can stay in business. They are trying to place positive spin on the TLRY merger. BS. They have no choice.”

  • “Anyone bullish on PINS? Might be a good entry point for some leaps”

  • “That's what I am betting on, it already hit $100 a like 5 months ago, everything in tech has shot up besides AMD. The only issue is that when the NASDAQ is down AMD seems to take equal losses to the most overvalued tech. Definitely a patient play, good for LEAPs.”

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