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GME shares popped 5% today. Here's why:

 Shares of Gamestop Corp (GME) are trading 5% higher at a price of $137.09 at the time of this writing.

Gamestop Corp has been trading between a 52-week high of 255.69 and a 52-week low of 77.58. The stock has a market cap of $10.4 Billion.

GameStop Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, is a leading specialty retailer offering games and entertainment products through its e-commerce properties and thousands of stores.


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As you can imagine, the internet had a few things to say about the price move. Here's a few choice comments from the Reddit Traderverse™:

JohnDillermand2 - 459 upvotes - source
For a stealth drop with nothing more than a grassroots Twitter push, GME has pushed a lot of volume the first 8 hours. Art is a fraction of the plan so I'd say it's off to a strong start.

--KillerTofu-- - 270 upvotes - source
That would certainly make sense from a business standpoint. Each day with progressively impressive releases would generate all kinds of hype and FOMO in anticipation of what bigger news the next day will bring. The second to last announcement will be premium partners. Marvel? Microsoft? AAA studio? Death Row Records? And then, when hype is at a fever pitch and it's undeniable this will be a cash cow...the final content drop...ownership of the marketplace itself as NFT shares when GME Entertainment is spun-off.

TotesHittingOnY0u - 110 upvotes - source
GME investors unironically believe that actual gamers buy into this shit

Alien2080 - 97 upvotes - source
As a GME holder, I have to say the marketplace is very underwhelming. I won't be bothering to visit their again until the games are released. Digital art doesn't interest me as an investment, and they don't have personally value them enough to want to pay hundreds of dollars for a JPEG.

skramzy - 88 upvotes - source
GME investors unironically believe that this marketplace is going to replace the stock market and make them all NFTs

90258234952-8354723 - 51 upvotes - source
The marketplace is amazing. Because of the GME Valve partnership I was able to buy a helicopter NFT and which I just used in a ranked csgo game and went 100 to 1 and got to the highest rank of Global Elite.

CuriousGe0rge811 - 47 upvotes - source
if people still use robbing the hood to trade they deserve to get fuked by market makers. GME DD already showed proof that robbing the hood and MM are corrupt and are against you but people still use their apps. do people still have faith in the system? Anyway to beat them at their own game means they will find rules to fuk you up as well. recently robbing the hood has been closing my trades such as my put credit spreads without my consent even when the trades are profitable and out the strike zones. robbing the hood is literally stealing money/profit from me for closing my trade when it hasn't even ended yet and it is in my favor. One time they made me lose money instead because they wanted to close it. depending on the spread of the options you can turn a winning trade into a losing trade. as a result robbing the hood is now the worst place to trade options. That was the one thing they had going for them since they made rolling spreads easy since they made it so they sabotage trades robbing the hood is now the worst place to do options bar none. Robbing the hood will go bankrupt. I withdrew 90% of my assets leaving 25k still in there for trading the rest of my spreads once my spreads are done I am also done with robbing the hood and uninstalling forever and will continue to shame anyone that uses robbing the hood.

Wheaties4brkfst - 38 upvotes - source
Do you think the game development companies are going to let GME take a slice of that pie? What would be the incentive for that?

Erratic_Professional - 35 upvotes - source
This complete lack of after hours action is perplexing. Up or down fine. But not flat. Never flat with GME.

q0mb9l236oxkae43ih6p - 31 upvotes - source
Theres no way that offsets the development costs, hosting costs, operations cost, maintenance cost. They're saving a bit by having the gme cult do their marketing for them, but jeez I fail to see how this thing adds a single red cent to their earnings