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Here's your Reddit Update: GME, SPY, and AAPL

GME, SPY, and AAPL are the major focus of conversation on Reddit over the last hour.
Let's start with GME, which has the most susurrus. Here's what they're saying:

BentoMan - 5 upvotes - source
It’s pretty poetic that GME launched a NFT marketplace. After all, both are all hype, no substance.

Odd-Measurement7706 - 4 upvotes - source
GME getting me horny i dont understand it

guychillinathome - 3 upvotes - source
These bears crying manipulated are the same idiots that thought GME would go to 100k a share 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Myboywear - 3 upvotes - source

QuinnZps69 - 3 upvotes - source

thisonelife83 - 3 upvotes - source
Buy puts on GME and find out if this is real or not.

DumonsterPT - 3 upvotes - source
Why is it that every time we expect GME to jump on good news, Movie Stock out jumps it on no news at all?

Kant_touch - 2 upvotes - source
The classic random GME rip

Gigidypaperhands - 2 upvotes - source
If its any help I have GME at $293 and MILE at $8.14

Odd-Measurement7706 - 2 upvotes - source
Will apes and tards pick up GME shares after the split FOMO? Help me to see this.

There was a lot of buzz around SPY too. Here are the top comments:

chayalurve - 6 upvotes - source
Lol SPY is desperate and the floor is finally going to collapse

MP1182 - 6 upvotes - source
Anyone else still holding SPY puts from last week like I am?

Apprehensive_Food_88 - 5 upvotes - source
Spy is literally flat please shut the fuck up 😭😭🫡😂

Kitkatcandykid - 5 upvotes - source
Everytime SPY hits green it gets immediately punted back

ComprehensiveLaw1961 - 4 upvotes - source
My spy puts going through hell right now

bigmeatbag - 3 upvotes - source
🎶The VIX down, SPY up, that's the way 🌈🐻 like to get fucked 🎶

brook___trout - 3 upvotes - source

thingmaker123 - 3 upvotes - source
For CPI I’m doing TSLA puts and then some SPY 1DTE call lottos to hedge. Not the most retarded thing?

MOTHMAN666 - 3 upvotes - source
How are people downplaying a recession and cpi saying its not a concern? So they can break even on spy calls? I am understanding of being retarded but it's kind of worrying Jerome and Pals are a bunch of dumb fucks as well

dagowankmaster - 2 upvotes - source
Spy $400 eow

Finally, have a look at AAPL:

mingling4502 - 8 upvotes - source
Come on, AAPL. You know you want to dump. Look at MSFT, AMZN, and TSLA. Be more like them.

ElonMustii - 3 upvotes - source
If aapl breaks 148 I’m ripping my dick off

animositisomina35 - 2 upvotes - source
A live look at AAPL put holders 👉 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 The one on the far right is Burry.

buythetulipdips - 2 upvotes - source
they're gonna case study aapl man. multi trillion dollar company just chugging along in midst of a recession

i_am_bartman - 2 upvotes - source
aapl singlehandedly pulling the market up by the dick

Rude-Bid-9122 - 2 upvotes - source
aapl boomer investors need to implode‼️‼️

lululuminminmin - 1 upvotes - source
You think this company isnt being propped up? How many funds are loaded to the nips with AAPL?

Sandvicheater - 1 upvotes - source
Any reason MSFT is getting wrecked harder than AAPL or GOOG? I don't see any company specific news here.

Apprehensive_Food_88 - 1 upvotes - source
Absolutely fighting the urge to buy 150x 145p’s AAPL

Remote_Construction8 - 1 upvotes - source
Aapl carrying spy

TSLA is under the microscope on Reddit as well:

mingling4502 - 8 upvotes - source
Come on, AAPL. You know you want to dump. Look at MSFT, AMZN, and TSLA. Be more like them.

Endoskeleton1 - 4 upvotes - source
Shrek on TSLA

MuzzyIsMe - 4 upvotes - source
NKLA and TSLA green. Definitely a real trading day

lordbell21 - 4 upvotes - source
I've played TSLA wrong for nearly 2 weeks straight now. Damnit.

BoredPoopless - 3 upvotes - source
I will not FOMO into TSLA puts I will not FOMO into TSLA puts oh fuck I just got five weekly puts

thingmaker123 - 3 upvotes - source
For CPI I’m doing TSLA puts and then some SPY 1DTE call lottos to hedge. Not the most retarded thing?

kcyc2123 - 2 upvotes - source
Good luck. TSLA couldn’t hold $700 psych level. Gonna be a hell of a climb.

cptnad - 1 upvotes - source
keep buying tsla retail. pump it

MP1182 - 1 upvotes - source
Was up nice at open and all it takes is one giant red TSLA candle to fuck you over.

Bang1966 - 1 upvotes - source
Yes obviously. Can you imagine if Elon announces a buyback and Apple makes a bid for TSLA ( they have the money)!!!!!!! and they want to get into the EV a no brainer! Too the moon and beyond come on Elon and Tim great partnership![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)

AMC is in focus on Reddit too:

Any-Zookeepergame221 - 4 upvotes - source
Who wanna yolo AMC $20c with me

willt114 - 4 upvotes - source
Lol why has amc not been run into the ground yet

le_pedal - 3 upvotes - source
Did amc release an NFT marketplace too? Apes?

BovineJonith - 2 upvotes - source
AMC with the casual 40% in a month lol

Iknowyougotsole - 2 upvotes - source
All aboard the amc tendie train It’s time to do it again

Thahispanic17 - 1 upvotes - source
Amc is doing orgasmic

tommytherod - 1 upvotes - source
I really need to get in the cycle of AMC and GME.

guychillinathome - 1 upvotes - source
Got told wrong by the same apes that think AMC and GME will pump to 100k & spy down to $200p It’s okay buddy

grifan69 - -1 upvotes - source
AMC 😂😂 don’t group that garbage company with GME cmon now