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BBBY, TSLA, GME buzz is raising the roof on...

-3.46% 24h

Reddit is chattering about BBBY, SPY, and TSLA over the last hour.
Without further adou, let's get into the top comments:

hdkang - 16 upvotes - source

rp2012-blackthisout - 15 upvotes - source
Market is up 2% and bbby is down. Must be the short bus attack.

Constant-Mongoose615 - 15 upvotes - source
BBBY today?!

Due-Illustrator-8014 - 14 upvotes - source
BBBY just do it everyone. If everyone does it we win. Although I’ll win more

Swag_Turtle - 13 upvotes - source
BBBY just getting started gang

No_Steak_5365 - 12 upvotes - source
BBBY Holders....Right now is what separates diamond hands from paper

biplata - 12 upvotes - source
Holding BBBY... LET´S GO!!!!

therealspideysteve - 12 upvotes - source
Sell the wife to Gypsies. Buy more BBBY

MrRichAsian - 12 upvotes - source
Buy bbby you pussies. When the CPI came out it jumped up 13%. Don’t you see the potential??? Meme stonks go up.

Miserable_Horse9484 - 12 upvotes - source
If bbby closes red i shit my pants lmfao

In other news, SPY is also being aggressively watched on Reddit:

Tough_Bug_783 - 13 upvotes - source
![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)Bad news is lost all of my puts on spy. Good news is I bought a tiny amount of calls just in case. So now I’ll have enough to buy a rope ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)

Zachjsrf - 12 upvotes - source
SPY poot gonna be worthless at open...![img](emote|t5_2th52|8880)

the_black_fox_ - 8 upvotes - source
Loaded up on SPY calls yesterday before close. Printed nicely.

HBOMinimum - 7 upvotes - source
Don’t forget your commemorative SPY $420.69 share

Emergency-Goose - 7 upvotes - source
Good try bulls SPY 350 by December

Unc321kw - 7 upvotes - source
SPY is going to TANK once it hits 421. At least that what the teenage stock YouTubers keep saying. And I trust them 100% with my financial well-being

AdditionalCompany947 - 7 upvotes - source
I literally said spy calls and disney calls were free money but y’all want to play a towel store

Timely-Durian3955 - 7 upvotes - source
Spy should hit 450 in next 2 weeks or so

NotUpdated - 7 upvotes - source
What if I told you we'll close basically flat, maybe SPY +$2.

sixplaysforadollar - 7 upvotes - source
Spy is literally going to be 800 when inflation is 6%

We would also note TSLA, which is also very much under the microscope on Reddit:

HBOMinimum - 9 upvotes - source
TSLA is going to rip all day now that there’s no selling pressure from Elon Elon fanboys who bought the past few days are ecstatic to have shares owned by Elon himself Bers fuk

HBOMinimum - 9 upvotes - source
Banbet! TSLA $1,000 3d

may344 - 6 upvotes - source
Glad I sold tsla at open lol

jglover82 - 6 upvotes - source
Just 6 hours ago Tsla bers were celebrating a victory LOL

Jimbeauxer - 5 upvotes - source
TSLA finishes red today. Book it

SolomonKings7 - 4 upvotes - source
Tsla +5% pre-market LMAO

here4ormore - 4 upvotes - source
I will not buy tsla puts. I will not buy tsla puts. I will not buy tsla puts. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grimacing)

aqjingson - 4 upvotes - source
Instead of pointing out Tsla, GME , BBBy going down while market is going up, u should be seeing that as lagging opts and scoop them up.. but that ofc would mean ud be making $ 🤣

Next_Bag_2953 - 3 upvotes - source
TSLA 925c, imagine being such a cuck that you buy puts after Elon sold 😂

mysuruhuduga - 3 upvotes - source
Tsla Bears were talking utter rubbish yest, as usual getting fucked lmao 😂😂😂😂

COIN is currently a focal point on Reddit as well:

Fantastic_Bar3109 - 6 upvotes - source
COIN up after shitty earnings 🤡

NowahnnAtawl - 5 upvotes - source
Even COIN is green after those dogshit earnings 😅

DisastrousMarzipan18 - 5 upvotes - source
I am sitting on cash now, what's to do here? I am thinking COIN puts

sjtomcat - 5 upvotes - source
Why in the ever living hell is COIN green? They just had some of the worst warnings I’ve ever seen what the actual fuck

lupafa - 4 upvotes - source
Who would have known that calls on COIN would have turned out to be the correct play. I got cucked hard.

kodaksdad2020 - 4 upvotes - source
No position but coin literally lost 5$ a share and is up these algos wild haha

thatsmytofu - 4 upvotes - source
wtf COIN

Comprehensive-Sink62 - 3 upvotes - source
COIN is actually green today 🤡🤡

SarcasticTrumpet - 3 upvotes - source
Watch COIN rally past 110 I'd cream all over the place

TradeLikeWater - 3 upvotes - source
Coin puts confirmed

GME is currently a focal point on Reddit too:

ninkorn - 8 upvotes - source
Cramer talking about 🦍s and likes **AMC** but not **BBBY** or **GME**

UnholyTrigon - 7 upvotes - source
Remember boys, HKD did more in 2 days than GME did in its entire shitty shitty run

lavishcoat - 7 upvotes - source
Wow, look at the market rocket. Except bbby and gme ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

TheFreshOne - 5 upvotes - source
Got some GME 40c yesterday for August 19th. Pray for me.

GlutenFreeBuns - 4 upvotes - source
GME, BBBY, AMC - the trifecta of bag holders

aqjingson - 4 upvotes - source
Instead of pointing out Tsla, GME , BBBy going down while market is going up, u should be seeing that as lagging opts and scoop them up.. but that ofc would mean ud be making $ 🤣

oystrodoom - 3 upvotes - source
#TODAY IS THE BIG GME DAY 🚀 • ⁠ITM call options for 8/10 expire • ⁠FTD’s settle which means hedge funds have to margin call all ITM options • ⁠Short ladder attacks are reactivated for 24 hours. ITM options expiring + FTD (Failure to Delivers for you pineheads) + suspension of ladder attacks = hedge funds are screwed. 💎 🙌 not financial advice I eat crayons

HerrJemine123 - 3 upvotes - source
Holy fuck they hammered GME down fast there, oof

khongson8888 - 2 upvotes - source
what's going on with GME stock? will it increase? My name is Khong Son. I'm from Viet Nam

Traditional_Chair_40 - 2 upvotes - source
Bout to be a massive reversal on TSLA, GME, and BBBY