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Reddit is talking about HKD, Nancy Pelosi, MonkeyPox and the Consumer Price Index. Makes sense.

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Hkd is the topic seeing the strongest uptrend in chatter on Wallstreetbets today. Here's what's being said:

chipchip9 - 332 upvotes - source
HKD used class B shares to trade, retail wasnt involved. Very exciting times

alilmagpie - 164 upvotes - source
Popcorn folks saw the blatant fuckery push with HKD and were like “dude, that’s sus af” but never stopped to realize that same contrived push happened with popcorn in January 2021. They’re so close to getting it.

Powered_by_bots - 34 upvotes - source
Buy one share of HKD as punishment

Tribune-Of-The-Plebs - 25 upvotes - source
Loop Capital's collateral pump, HKD, is up 23% (21BN) on 2,576 shares traded (out of 150M shares outstanding). $1.2M of shares traded gave them 21BN in collateral value. Tell me you need fraudulently derived collateral this week without telling me...

Stat_Monkey - 15 upvotes - source
Please, do not waste your money on this Chinese scam. It was another orchestrated pump just like HKD. They used it, it's over now.

Sactorno - 9 upvotes - source
Where are all the ppl who wished they had bought HKD at $200? Nows your chance! ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

NOTHlNGBUTNET - 9 upvotes - source
I lost 14k within 5 days (-87%) thanks to HKD LMAO

Frenchy416 - 7 upvotes - source
Correct fine sir. Shorting is okay, just be very careful because like you said you can lose and lose and lose again . Shorting off valuation is a terrible idea . Look at HKD for example . You thought it was an easy short . Next week over $2500 off the con game

FunCranberry112122 - 7 upvotes - source
At least the HKD bag holders are quiet, unlike other stock bag holders…

Mostest_Importantest - 7 upvotes - source
I think loan underwriters and hedge insurers are running out of money, so these pump and dumps are staying and playing *only* in fake "stock market algo" (criminal) values because nobody is buying at *any* price; instead we're all just watching algorithms execute pump n dumps (under direction of mayo-men, trying to crawl from under the contracts they signed for naked shorting, via their "algos." (Which sounds beyond-suspiciously close to ego.)) There's nobody holding bags on these scams, so there's nobody's pockets to raid. My guess is they're trying to liquidate to gain cash reserves, but because nobody is playing with the fake values, so they're forced to buy back their own offered stock, and they're not raising the capital they need. If more events like HKD occur, then the scam is working. If Wall Street continues to bleed, then the scam is failing while hedge funds bleed the markets in a bear-market free-fall as the everything bubble crashes down, except for the superstonk. I'm just a smoothbrain, though. But this is my smoothbrain TA-opinion.

Monkeypox is another popular topic. Comments for that:

EnginrA - 13 upvotes - source
So I told this dude I know I had Covid last month and he said “I think of you as more of a monkeypox guy” What did he mean by that?

Freycalis - 12 upvotes - source
Bbby found the cure for monkeypox

AbyssUpdate - 8 upvotes - source
GOOD MORNING USA, I HAVE FEELING THAT IT’S GONNA BE A WONDERFUL D- - CPI 10% - Monkeypox, COVID, Zootonic virus - Recession - Economic crisis and countries filing for bankruptcy - American Dad gets laid off because the CIA can’t afford anymore workers

tyme2ryme - 8 upvotes - source
I hear if you buy Bed Bath and Beyond, it helps prevent monkeypox.

chikenbeer - 8 upvotes - source
Vagina a day keeps the monkeypox away

jer72981m - 7 upvotes - source
Monkeypox causes frequent coughing during national speeches.

sloanemonroe - 6 upvotes - source
And her skin will be touching the fabric of the seat and she picks up monkeypox. That doesn’t sound sexy.

cripky - 5 upvotes - source
Tonight, there’s an article from our local, well-esteemed newspaper that a flight attendant thinks she got monkeypox from an international flight. She’s waiting for test results. Might want to consider shorting airlines. I’m just typing this once. Whoever sees it, sees it.

Entire_Conflict1060 - 4 upvotes - source
here’s some needed education: Monkeypox spreads through damaged skin contact. But since the penis head, the vagina and the rectum (if ur into it) have no skin it’s free pass for viruses. Imagine you get monkeypox and everyone including your parents think you had unprotected butt sex when all you did was rub against someone in a crowded elevator. Messed up. The actual disease is also quite the unpleasant nightmare, while you have it.

dudz23 - 4 upvotes - source
Get Monkeypox from a Mod

Pelosi is another popular topic. Here's what they're saying:

1800smellya - 116 upvotes - source
SPY 320 CONFIRMED Last time we saw LARRY FINK, NANCY PELOSI, and ELON *selling* stocks was November 2021. These are PEAK sellers. No one times the market like these “experts”

bbq-ribs - 27 upvotes - source
Only Nancy Pelosi knows what the market will do tomorrow.

brickhouse1013 - 27 upvotes - source
Your fate is sealed. This is definitely going to be top comment unless someone comes up w something Pelosi related real quick. Lmaoo.

Sisyphus328 - 23 upvotes - source
Except every rich person on Ghislaine’s black list, all the MM’s who we’ve been battling for 18 months, and Paul Pelosi

Jrecondite - 20 upvotes - source
Pelosi dumping. Elon dumping. Amber Heard dumping. They are all trying to tell you something.

ShiftYourCarcass - 14 upvotes - source
Its not only Pelosi, every member of congress is exempt.

Euro347 - 12 upvotes - source
Pelosi got out before the early results. Not a good time to get in. Big wave of supply coming to the market. Will see mark downs. Also the Proof of stake upgrade will cause alot of people to sell their miners. Plus Taiwan, if they get invaded, they obviously wont be able to make or ship out chips.

XnoonefromnowhereX - 11 upvotes - source
Paul Pelosi somehow managed to dump last week. How does he do it everybody!?! https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/pelosis-husband-dumps-nvidia-stock-house-eyes-chip-bill-2022-07-27/

MarioCurry - 10 upvotes - source
Yeah, he should just stop investing this fucking idiot!!!! /s If your reason for buying a stock is because someone else bought it (only exception is pelosi) then you shouldn't trade

ThatOneDrunkUncle - 10 upvotes - source
Wow can't believe fbi invaded trump mar a lago just to seize boxes of expired spy calls and gme direct registered physical shares. I bet it was pelosi

Nft is another popular topic. Here's what they're saying:

gooseears - 132 upvotes - source
But doesn't Paramount still own the copyright to Betty Boop? ------ Edit: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Betty_Boop#/Lawsuits_and_current_ownership > A trademark on the name (but not legitimately the likeness) of Betty Boop is owned by Fleischer Studios, for which the character was created in the 1930s, but which was unable to claim copyright infringement in a 2008 district court case; So basically, Fleischer Studios owns the name but they were unable to even claim infringement in court because of how all of this was chopped up. The name belongs to one party, the rights to the character belong to another, and the comic strip rights belong to a 3rd party. I can't find any information on the xlabel nft site, so either they licensed the name and/or character from these owners, or they are just looking at the precedent of Fleischer Studios not able to protect their own IP and figure it's technically public domain because of that haha. ----- Edit 2: Looks like this site https://www.xlabel.io/ does say they've worked with Fleischer Studios among others. Credit to /u/tepol

Professional-Waltz62 - 107 upvotes - source
🤔 I’ve never thought of this but that’s quite the idea. Allow you to access their NFT marketplace from their GME app so when you profit off an NFT and have crypto, you can just buy a new PS5 in the same app with it. I don’t hate this idea.

michaellargent - 76 upvotes - source
Whoa, why is this not getting more attention on the sub? *A GME timeline themed NFT giveaway! It's also a play to earn game!!! This is huge!* **Requirements:** * Finish a game @ Play.VyWorlds.com * Connect your wallet before 8/12 * Get an airdrop each day for completing a game Edit: Just expanding on this comment. Just tried it. When you sign up on the site, you don't need to buy a Vy in order to earn the sticker. It seems buying/owning a Vy NFT is required for the *play to earn* aspect of the game. Just play, move around, shoot...and enjoy the no tap strafes, lol.

Altruistic-Beyond223 - 60 upvotes - source
Too bad those non-DRS'd shares wouldn't receive the NFT dividend (if issued) when all outstanding shares are direct registered.

JayRoo83 - 54 upvotes - source
I'm pretty excited for the future Bed Bath And Beyond NFT marketplace

Brooksee83 - 53 upvotes - source
Cant spell iNFiniTy without NFT

fortifier22 - 49 upvotes - source
This guy’s using more gas than GameStop’s NFT market!

jimtrickington - 43 upvotes - source
I’ll tackle the NFT Marketplace and corporate layoffs estimates. First, I’ve taken a keen interest in the NFT Marketplace and post a daily update here. Even with a lot of changes coming down the road, the marketplace is on pace to generate only $5 million revenue annually at this time. In the last few weeks, that average is below $2 million revenue. It is also possible to estimate how the marketplace will ramp up in the coming year or two. The entire NFT market is worth around $3 billion in 2022. That estimate was before the recent downswing in crypto/NFTs. Let’s assume that instead of dropping, the NFT market holds steady for 2023. So that’s $6 billion total over the two years. Let’s also generously assume that GME can capture 20% of that market ($6B x 0.2 = $1.2B). GME charges a 2.25% fee to generate their marketplace revenue. So that’s $1.2B x 0.0225 = $27M. And that’s over the course of two years so an average annual revenue of $13.5M. Now imagine that the GME marketplace was somehow able to capture 100% of the NFT market instead of only 20% - that means their annual revenue is $67.5 million. So will GME make money on this endeavor? I don’t know. They will have to massively pump up the entire NFT market volume while being a new player on the block. Sure, offering video games, TV shows, and movies as NFTs may help. And they have already overtaken CoinBase in NFTs. But this is simply a numbers game when looking at fee-based revenue. We also must factor in how this all is revenue, not profit. My rough estimate of the cost to run the marketplace is $3,800/day or $1.4 million/year. That’s ten developers at $65k salary plus bonuses as well as AWS. It’s rough and could be off by as much as a factor of two depending on the team size and salaries. Second, I’ll look at the corporate layoffs. Let’s run the math on that item. We hired 600 new corporate-level employees in 2021 and the first half of 2022. It has been claimed that most of the layoffs were from this group. Now I don’t know just how many corporate employees are at GME. There are about 12,000 full timers but it’s unspecified the corporate breakdown of that figure. Let’s say that half of the new corporate hires were let go and their average salary was on the high side ($150,000). Diana Jajeh was promoted to replace the outgoing CFO, and she will make $200,000 as a salary comparison. Anyway, we will also assume thirty percent on top of salaries to represent other perks like healthcare and bonuses. So that’s 300x$150,000x1.3 = $58.5 million off the expenses all in one fell swoop. Even taking into account all of the above, we still need more. Cutting expenses with the corporate layoffs and a small (at this juncture) profit with the NFT Marketplace are not enough. Last quarter, GME lost $157 million. All the above means that there’s still $100 million left to go if things were to hold course. And that’s on a quarterly (not annual) basis.

elluzion - 36 upvotes - source
The website's FAQ's show a collaboration between XLABEL (xlabel.io) and Fleischer Studios. And the terms call out 3rd party IP rights. So were probably good, unless they are just words. Also the FAQ's pointed me to a limited edition free NFT drop if you click the heart at the top of the home page. [http://nft.bettyboop.com/faq](http://nft.bettyboop.com/faq)

_wedo - 35 upvotes - source
Pretty sure the character is now public domain so I dunno how "exclusive" that can be if anyone can use it to create an nft or collection.

8/ 12 is another popular topic. Here's what they're saying:

jbliz - 252 upvotes - source
I have a spreadsheet I have kept over the same period. And just added a few columns to confirm your numbers. Interesting way to look at it. I had always been looking at something similar that I called my volatility index which is the (High-Low)/High. Seems to be cycles where thing will be calm for a few months in the 3-6% daily swings range and then we will have a few blow up weeks in the 10-20+% daily swings range. The highest was 1/28/21 at 76.8% range with few more days around then in the 50+% range. Back on 5/12/22 we got up to 28% and that is the highest it has been since 3/25/21 at 37.7%. Yesterday 8/8/22 was 15.1% which is the highest it has been since back at the beginning of June.

toastyhandshake - 188 upvotes - source
741 = July 41st = August 10th = TOMORROW 3/18/22 (RC buy) + 133 = 7/29 (friday, 8/1 was monday) represents the start of the window of expected extreme activity. 4/4/22 (swap trigger) + 133 = 8/15 this represents the day of the first sneeze. This window, August 1st through August 15th should match the activity from January 12th through 26th, 2021 if my swap theory is correct. The Popcorn FUD and random BBBY weekend pop is all the proof I need.

Aggravating-Film-875 - 127 upvotes - source
I think this is a pretty common issue. However a lot of grads have this weird over inflated value of their work. I spend like 12 hours a week rewriting grad reports or analysis. Most are really grateful and learn quickly. However, you get the odd one that thinks they are gods gift to the company when really most of their work gets redone. Without knowing how you are performing it's impossible to give you advice. You might just need to fix your attitude and realise that you have a lot to learn. Don't wish your "grad" time away. It's one of the brief periods in your career where you are given a lot of leeway to make mistakes and learn.

99percentTSOL - 120 upvotes - source
Are we talking a full 12 fl (florida) ounces?

jtmn - 106 upvotes - source
Yea, don't do the top comment choose your favorite from the top 8 comments

michaellargent - 76 upvotes - source
Whoa, why is this not getting more attention on the sub? *A GME timeline themed NFT giveaway! It's also a play to earn game!!! This is huge!* **Requirements:** * Finish a game @ Play.VyWorlds.com * Connect your wallet before 8/12 * Get an airdrop each day for completing a game Edit: Just expanding on this comment. Just tried it. When you sign up on the site, you don't need to buy a Vy in order to earn the sticker. It seems buying/owning a Vy NFT is required for the *play to earn* aspect of the game. Just play, move around, shoot...and enjoy the no tap strafes, lol.

Actually-Yo-Momma - 60 upvotes - source
This just in, an adult doesn’t understand why a children's game (targeted at kids age 8-13) “sucks”

majorcoleThe2nd - 48 upvotes - source
Grad programs are increasingly predatory imo and instead of facing that, it's entitled grads that are the issue? ​ There was an article iirc just the other week about Deloitte's grad program being famously underpaid and overworked to a substantial degree. But it's grad's overvaluing themselves? I'm not sure if you've done a grad program but as someone who yesterday completed theirs and have talked to my peers, the process goes like this. ​ First year low expectations and responsibilities, learning opportunities from paid courses, seminars and sometimes rotations to other teams etc. Nice room to grow. Near the end of that year, that all stops. You are now treated like a junior or even just a regular level of your position but at 30% or less pay than what you could get a years experience instantly. So now you sit around for 12 months or more at a giant pay discrepancy, with expectations and responsibilities substantially higher than your enumeration and very few to no learning opportunities. Mass quitting ensues.

StrikeEagle784 - 37 upvotes - source
Still reason to be excited, current economic conditions suggest that you should probably have some jacked tits for MOASS. That's not even including the fact that Larry Boy just sold 8 percent of his portfolio last week.

hiepnguyen08 - 33 upvotes - source
We won’t even have to do that! In laboratory work and later large-scale experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899, Tesla developed his own ideas on how a worldwide wireless system would work. He theorized from these experiments that if he injected electric current into the Earth at just the right frequency he could harness what he believed was the planet's own electrical charge and cause it to resonate at a frequency that would be amplified in "standing waves" that could be tapped anywhere on the planet to run devices or, through modulation, carry a signal.[5] His system was based more on 19th century ideas of electrical conduction and telegraphy instead of the newer theories of air-borne electromagnetic waves, with an electrical charge being conducted through the ground and being returned through the air.[6] Tesla's design used a concept of a charged conductive upper layer in the atmosphere,[6] a theory dating back to an 1872 idea for a proposed wireless power system by Mahlon Loomis.[7] Tesla not only believed that he could use this layer as his return path in his electrical conduction system, but that the power flowing through it would make it glow, providing night time lighting for cities and shipping lanes.[7] In a February 1901 Collier's Weekly article titled "Talking With Planets" Tesla described his "system of energy transmission and of telegraphy without the use of wires" as: (using) the Earth itself as the medium for conducting the currents, thus dispensing with wires and all other artificial conductors ... a machine which, to explain its operation in plain language, resembled a pump in its action, drawing electricity from the Earth and driving it back into the same at an enormous rate, thus creating ripples or disturbances which, spreading through the Earth as through a wire, could be detected at great distances by carefully attuned receiving circuits. In this manner I was able to transmit to a distance, not only feeble effects for the purposes of signaling, but considerable amounts of energy, and later discoveries I made convinced me that I shall ultimately succeed in conveying power without wires, for industrial purposes, with high economy, and to any distance, however great.[8] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower A lot of truth has been removed from the public as in the case of GME regarding Nicolai Tesla and free energy! Let’s bring it all out after MOASS!

CPI 9.1 is another popular topic. Here's what they're saying:

nutthu99er - 28 upvotes - source
9.1 and above stock go down 9.1 and below stock brrrrrrrr

HummusConnoisseur - 20 upvotes - source
No, lower than 9.1% doesn’t mean the inflation has peaked, it can still go back up next month.

many-brain-tabs-open - 18 upvotes - source
Below 9.1 but somehow enough to trigger a market meltdown anyway Source: my puts recently expired so the market has to go down now

d6410 - 16 upvotes - source
I have a really stupid question. Does this mean prices rose 9.1% in July and another 8.5% in June? Or that it is 8.5% higher than June 2021?

InvestorCoast - 15 upvotes - source
Today was just a down market/risk day... a lower than 9.1 CPI in the morning will get overall market back on track- and ppl seeing BBBY going back up will get BBBY move towards the squeeze back on track- but volume is the key. Ppl need to get BBBY back in a dominant position on ST trending, ShortSqueeze & WSB subreddits, twitter, etc. If ppl know the energy is still behind BBBY, they will jump on board.

FunkyChicken69 - 14 upvotes - source
8.5% perfect number for them to use to give the illusion that it’s beginning to have a decline trend. Any money Aug number gonna be above 9.1%. 🎷🐓♋️

Randomname9887 - 12 upvotes - source
As per the WSB predictions, CPI 9.1% and higher got the most votes. Also,WSB is bullish. But these two dont go together![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)

SolomonKings7 - 11 upvotes - source
If CPI between 9.1 and 8.6 we will moon to SPY 420

nationalizm - 10 upvotes - source
I remember the last time we were all awaiting the big crash for the June CPI report the night before and then the next day it released at 9.1 and pumped to mars the rest of the day haha good times I lost it all that day ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)

lilganj710 - 8 upvotes - source
I think the markets rallied largely because jerome powell was a bit too dovish in his press conference. His scripted remarks were hawkish, but his unscripted answers to questions were not > “We’re at the neutral rate guys!!” A claim which larry summers called [“analytically indefensible”](https://youtu.be/P6reu7qppUw). Mohamed el-erian also grilled jpow for this one. How can 2.5% possibly be the neutral rate with the CPI at 9.1%?? > “If we started tightening earlier, it wouldn’t done anything! Other central banks were tightening in mid-2021, and they still have inflation” Yeah, because other central banks don’t control the world’s reserve currency. When they tighten, it doesn’t have much effect. The US federal reserve is basically the world’s central bank, so it’s tightening from the US fed that really does the trick In his unscripted remarks, jpow sounded a lot like arthur burns. Gave the impression that he’d back off if the stock market went down. Hence the rally