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HKD down -49%. Women and children to the lifeboats!

Shares of (HKD) are trading -49% lower at a price of $207 at the time of this writing. The stock is continuing it's multi-day downward move as the floor falls out of it's meme stock status support. It is falling with it's recent Hong Kong finance meme stock peers AMTD and MEGL.

AMTD Digital has been trading between a 52-week high of $2555.3 and a 52-week low of $12.05. The stock has a market cap of $4.33 Billion.

AMTD Digital Inc. designs and develops a digital platform to provide financial, media, content and marketing, and investment solutions. It offers digital banking and insurance technology platforms for consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises; and SpiderNet ecosystem, a platform to enhance their investor communication, investor relations, and corporate communication to enhance their valuation. The company's platform monitors portfolio companies, such as tracking of business and technology development, competitive landscape, latest technological trends, and economic risks, and financial analysis. The company was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Central, Hong Kong. AMTD Digital Inc. operates as a subsidiary of AMTD Group Company Limited.


The $300 billion meme stock that makes GameStop look like child''s play
Kwhen Finance 08-03-22

As you can imagine, the internet had a few things to say about the price move. Here's a few choice comments from the Reddit Traderverse™:

ApeHolder42069 - 212 upvotes - source
And $hkd and blame it on retards

MontyAtWork - 208 upvotes - source
Ever since seeing HKD go from $2 to $2200, low double digits just don't get me hard.

Extra_Bathroom_8306 - 33 upvotes - source
Speaking of HKD, let them know the Chinese are welcome, they can pay off evergrande this way

zxc123zxc123 - 31 upvotes - source
HKD is just Chinese scammers just minding their own pump and dump business. WSB just looking at it and laughing at their blatant P&D being a public dap on the SEC and Washington gov-types failing per usual but media spins it as if WSB is the one doing it. Bucco Capital shithead literally thinks the Fed works for him when JPow only works for the guy in the guy in the white house (be it Trump or Biden). Fed doesn't have the stock market first on the list. They won't hike no matter what memestocks do cause it's the economy they are watching.

SoulzovFrost - 25 upvotes - source
GME to HKD level is all I want

RecommendationAny274 - 24 upvotes - source

gnnr25 - 19 upvotes - source
Remember that time they tried to get WSB to buy HKD and WSB laughed, bought BBBY instead and the tendies rained down? Yeah, good times, lol

ur_rad_dad - 17 upvotes - source
Yeah but how fast they gonna push the ‘brake’ today? HKD can balloon 3000% over a week and they never do anything, but now the SEC cries foul and says it’s manipulative friggin BS my fellow apes

iLikeMangosteens - 15 upvotes - source
Amtd is the parent company. You’re thinking of HKD. AMTD about $2.98 rn.

RecommendationAny274 - 14 upvotes - source
BBBY to surpass HKD!