Here's your Reddit Update: SPY, GME, and TQQQ
Jun. 17, 2022 05:41 pm ET

Reddit is chatting about SPY, GME, and TQQQ over the last hour.

Let's start with SPY, which has the most scuttlebutt. Here's what they're saying:

NexusLevi1 - 10 upvotes
Where's the guy that said he went all in on 0dte spy puts? Is he ok?

Ijustquaffed - 7 upvotes
VIX red, SPY red Incoming regarded pump. Ending at 373

BEarbuLL42069 - 7 upvotes
Spy is scared of 364 but also scared of 366. Safe space 365.50

dramarehab - 6 upvotes
Positions or ban. Show us how you have "every cent" in "0DTE" spy puts !

Tachyon9 - 6 upvotes
Imagine talking shit about bears while spy is still under 370, lol.

bearhunter429 - 6 upvotes
The last time when we had Nasdaq up +1% while SPY was flat/red we crashed at 3 pm and ended the day -2.5%. It will happen again.

Khatwyn - 5 upvotes
can spy stop trading sideways jesus christ

Sandvicheater - 4 upvotes
If Putin was smart he'd bet his life savings and ranch on 0dte Spy calls and announce he was coming to Zelensky for peace talks. Probably break the all time record for single day SPY gainz.

Resident-Comfort-108 - 4 upvotes
Every cent that I have is in 0DTE puts on spy. It’s a bear market. It’s a holiday weekend. I have never been more sure of anything In My life. I’m ready to change my life.

In other news, we also see that GME is the greatest thing since sliced bread on Reddit:

holditright666 - 5 upvotes
Just bought gme dips and brought my average from 350 to 349

NoCollegeKids - 4 upvotes
What business does GME have being up 4% today?

theodros1 - 4 upvotes
not a gme bro, but chart looks interesting at these levels

CaroBoiBenis - 3 upvotes

The_Coward_Sorcerer - 3 upvotes
Market doesn't bottom until gme bottoms.

VisualMod - 2 upvotes
#Ban Bet Lost /u/PM_ME_UR_LEFT_SHIN (0/3) made a bet that GME would go to 200.0 when it was 129.973 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.

WeenieDLite - 2 upvotes

Stormwingx - 1 upvotes
GME is for traders, not for holders.

Agent_BlankSlate - 1 upvotes
So did anyone ever figure out why GME halted up like 2x a few weeks ago?

snippythehorses - 1 upvotes
Someone lost the “G” in GME. Since they couldn’t just let the ticker ME trade without the G, they needed to find the G and restore order

Bringing up the rear, you have TQQQ:

brandywine459 - 4 upvotes
Oh now the TQQQ has steam, so bullish lfg

Tarek3994 - 3 upvotes
I'm a bear but even I want a pump Yeah I grabbed cheap ass TQQQ earlier but that's besides the point

Tarek3994 - 2 upvotes
Lmao the first time I've went long all year got a shit ton of TQQQ at $22 lets go Still a bear tho don't get it twisted

kstorm88 - 1 upvotes
Tqqq doesn't make any money

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
TQQQ just keeps going up

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
🚀 tqqq

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
Nah, but calls on TQQQ

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
Tqqq saved the market

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
My easiest trade of the year going in massive on TQQQ when qqq got into the 270s

brandywine459 - 1 upvotes
TQQQ going to rip massively

BABA is under the microscope on Reddit as well:

Jasond777 - 5 upvotes
The year is 2040, BABA is still 100$

Deep-Ad-8525 - 2 upvotes
500 here. Started yesterday. Sitting on 6200 thnks to baba calls.

Hodl_God_Damn_You - 1 upvotes
who bought BABA calls at open?

Ransome120 - 1 upvotes
BABA Booey Just getting ready for US OPEN