What they're talking about on /r/Wallstreetbets this morning
Jun. 17, 2022 05:29 pm ET

What do SPY, GME, and RIDE have in common? They're all being talked about on /r/Wallstreetbets this morning,while over on /r/investing they are commenting about GME. Meanwhile, over at /r/valueinvesting, GME is today's hot topic. Overall, WSB sentiment continues to be bearish. 

CORN, TSLA, RENT were the most bullish while traders are less sanguine on SPY, TQQQ, SQQQ. Equally important, the top ranked comments today across the forum are: 

Dinglejingle88 - 20420 upvotes
Sure thing bud, the refund check should come in the mail any day now

PlurbZ666 - 9551 upvotes
How do they own a house yet I do not?

polidact - 6992 upvotes
the loan fairy visits your bank and sprinkles coins in your account

pony_trekker - 5373 upvotes
Just sign here. And here.

takesthebiscuit - 3382 upvotes
There is a clear problem, but let’s blame something else and not fix the underlying issue staring us in the face

RetardedChimpanzee - 2557 upvotes
That’s how refinancing works, right? If your mortgage is for 600k, have 500k remaining, but the property is valued at 300k, the bank will correct that and your new mortgage would now be 200k. Edit: I understand this is not how mortgages work.

DoomedFromTheStart97 - 2549 upvotes
"What happens if I borrow a ton of money to buy something for more than it's worth?"

Barnettmetal - 2255 upvotes
Pretty simple. Just delete your banking app and shut down your account. Boom. Mortgage canceled.