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/r/Wallstreetbets likes SPY, GME, and COIN this morning

 /r/Wallstreetbets is buzzing about SPY, GME, and COIN this morning. At the same time, on /r/investing, they can't stop murmering about GME, COIN, and RENT and the traders on /r/valueinvesting are bombinating about GME, COIN, and SPY. Overall, WSB sentiment continues to be bearish. CORN, COIN, TSLA were the most bullish while traders are less optimistic about  SQQQ, SPY, GME. The top ranked comments today are: 

OverlordHippo - 2401 upvotes
Home heating oil is up 111.43% from last year. Unleaded gasoline is up 54.91% Electricity is up 10% Eggs are up 76.18% Milk (reduced/skim) is up 24.33% Coffee is up 27.79% Chicken Breast is up 27.86% Ground Beef is up 16.9% Soft Drinks (12oz cans) are up 22.22% Add rent and housing prices into the mix and inflation is very fucking obviously not 8.6%

hnnnnggggggg - 2387 upvotes
I think you put more effort into this post than I put into my job in a month

Mauve_Unicorn - 1857 upvotes
Who the hell buys stocks when they're low? Buy high, am I right?!?

bearattack79 - 1772 upvotes
I will go down with this ship.