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Traders are chatting about futes (futures) on Reddit today

Futes is a trending topic today. Here's what they're saying: 

tifa3 - 25 upvotes
futes were so green bulls cheering last night !

enterdoki - 24 upvotes
Futes slipping. Massive dump tomorrow like usual after a fed meeting.

YakkoWarnerPR - 23 upvotes
futes decided to die right after i bought calls I'm an idiot. i knew this would fucking happen. the fed forecasted a fucking recession and I bought calls like an absolute idiot with no brain. fuckin hell.

RamenLife_ - 22 upvotes
No amount of staring at futes is going to bring back your dead options !

bearhunter429 - 20 upvotes
Bulls went to bed 2-3 hours ago all happy because futes were up 1%. Tomorrow morning they wake up with a shocked pikachu face because shit is drilling straight into god's fat dirty butthole.

Emper0rG0d - 15 upvotes
Why the rug pull for futes???

nnaoeznnaoezhis - 15 upvotes
Futes only matter if it confirms my bias

bearhunter429 - 14 upvotes
Futes FADING hard and Europoors didn't even wake up yet. Another -2% day brewing for tomorrow.

bearhunter429 - 13 upvotes
This time futes didn't even wait for europoors to fade. Tomorrow will be a massively red day. We will probably see below $370.

azdweller - 13 upvotes
Don’t check futes bulls, they’re still green I promise