Monkeypox, Norway, and QT are the hot topics on WSB over the last 24 hours. Here's the best comments of the day:
Jun. 14, 2022 06:42 pm ET

Monkeypox is the topic seeing the strongest uptrend in chatter on Wallstreetbets today. Here's what's being said: 

gettendies - 6 upvotes
Why are we ordering 500k monkeypox vaccines when like 5 people in the US have it?

TheToxicStonkAvenger - 4 upvotes
Puts and shorting is very expensive, and I don't see us going up any time soon. Maybe you can try a monkeypox stock.

BarryBearerson - 3 upvotes
>Chicago reports 5 new cases of monkeypox

Sithsaber - 2 upvotes
Monkeypox intensifies

Hl_IM_MR_MEESEEKS - 2 upvotes
I'm recovering from monkeypox 😮‍💨👌 Missed connection, haven't seen you around much either at the same time as me

Norway is another popular topic. Comments for that: 

ungekenyaner - 1 upvotes
Im from norway, where can i buy calls or puts on american ETF’s like those shown on this post?

Intelligent-Pear3402 - 1 upvotes
Norway does and they’re capitalist not communist

Heathen_Mushroom - -7 upvotes
Praying someone for a service they provide you is emotional blackmail? Having worked in a restaurant in Norway (where I am from) and several in the US, I would argue there is no problem to be solved. I have a lot of criticisms of the US from health care to education costs to systemic inequality, but tipping culture is not one of them.

Qt is also a popular conversation topic. Here's what they're saying: 

Lurker9605 - 15 upvotes
I think it’s cute that people think we’re gonna bottom at pre Covid levels. Rates and QT have barely started and look where we’re already at, and oil will peak in august when gas is over 6 dollars nations wide. The recession hasn’t even started yet and inflation hasn’t even begun to slow We’re going back to pre 08 levels. Jpow gonna undo the years of QE with QT.

Tarek394 - 11 upvotes
God these analysts are airheads. We didnt even start QT how bout you stop calling for a bottom for the 45th time this year

LordWargus - 11 upvotes
Quantitative Tightening, its the FED selling back all it bought in 2020 in order to remove dolars from the markets and reduce inflation. By selling bonds it also makes mid and long term rates go up. As a consequence companies have a harder time financing and that makes their future growth and valuations dwindle. In short, a big cold water bucket on the economy. FED rate hikes is a mini boss, QT is the real final boss.

claytondpark - 8 upvotes
If you can't afford a house/rent, or other things bc of house/rent, just be aware that it's due to the sleezy fed monetary policy (for I'd say at least 4-5yrs too long, they should've continued with the qt that they pulled back on in 2018). Interest free money for too long allowed corporations such as blackrock, developers, ma/pa shops and individual speculators (hi Meet Kevin, you tool!) to borrow cheap/ez money for a long time which they took to buy/drive up prices of non-primary homes. This bubble must pop and home prices must come down for inflation to abate...

fan_of_hakiksexydays - 7 upvotes
I'm starting to wonder if it has been a little too priced in, since there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about QT, and I see too many people talking about it like it's a guaranteed apocalyptic effect. I don't think even the majority of people understand that there isn't exactly a bonds sell-off, they're just letting them expire. Much less do I think that many people have been paying attention to all the policy changes in the last few years, meaning that QT isn't going to have the same mechanism as past QT, like in having now more liquidity for banks. People keep making comparison to past QT where those policies were a little different.

ChillianJornet - 6 upvotes
The reason we wont have anything over 50bps The fed is not trying to get inflation back to 2% any time soon. Theres suppy chain issues, war, oil bullshit, whatever else, but the goal is to look like they're doing something (arguably they are via demand destruction) while keeping the real rates low enough and inflation high enough to keep the US from defaulting while everything else sorts itself out. There is a real cap as far as how high they can actually take rates. But I think we see CPI slow down next month. As far as resuming bull run IDK but i dont thing QT has as much of a negative effect as people say.

Count_Stacksula - 6 upvotes
Dont forget QT started this month. I don't see enough people mentioning that.

Godfather751 - 5 upvotes
If Jpow really wants to shock and awe to tame inflation then 150bps increase Wednesday and now more staggered increase in qt. Straight 150Billion per month QT. Stocks limit down till Friday. Recession Monday but “ may” tame inflation

FakeoNameo_ - 5 upvotes
Rate reactions are more temper tantrum that legitimate rational-market reactions most of the time. QT is not comparable to anything else. It’s fundamentally altering the nature and mechanics of the market we’ve all know for the last decade, and it’s the first time that much money got put into the market to artificially prop it up in overdrive mode, and we’ve never seen that much money come out all at once on purpose without backstops and Fed safety nets. So it’s really anyone’s guess. ———— // ———— For illustrative purposes though, compare to COVID crash, which was about $9T in lost market cap from the S&P. Which we got back in the form lf recovery. And which was still backstopped the whole time by excess Fed liquidity and a bunch of other stuff (to very much oversimplify). QT, on the other hand, is $9T that is leaving and not coming back (not supposed to). So fundamental shift in how the market operates and permanent downshift for a lot of artificially propped up crap stocks that no longer have a ride back up to previous (artificial) highs.

brook__trout - 5 upvotes
QT still hasn’t started