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Morning low-down on /r/Wallstreetbets featuring SPY, BBBY, and COIN

SPY is ruling the conversation on /r/Wallstreetbets this morning.

The chatter is all about SPY this morning on /r/Wallstreetbets while GME is the apple of /r/investing's eye. Meanwhile, over at /r/valueinvesting, META is the bomb, hot stuff.

Overall, WSB sentiment is bearish compared to bearish yesterday and bearish the previous week. DWAC, AAPL, CORN were the most bullish while traders are less optimistic about SPY, BBBY, COIN.

Meanwhile, the top ranked comments today are:

swordofeden - 3551 upvotes - source
Oh cool, can we do America next?

Evorus_Krayde - 3475 upvotes - source
I remember back when Dave didn't want to implicate anyone too hard, when he was just learning/entering the scene. But he's basically just calling Citadel out now for being the crooks they are. I love to see it. Thanks for spreading awarness and knowledge Dave!

GetDeleted - 2826 upvotes - source
Wow, they accurately reported on the benefits of DRS and why we have been so adamant about it. Actually interesting. We must be close.

FireEmblemBoy - 2744 upvotes - source
One horcrux down fam

jstag1984 - 2697 upvotes - source
A Declaration of Solvency often precedes the process of a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), when shareholders wish to liquidate a solvent company. This document allows company director/s, to make statutory declaration that states that the company will be able to repay its debts (and interest) within a fixed period, not exceeding 12 months. Accompanying this declaration includes a statement of the company’s assets and liabilities. This declaration is made before a solicitor/commissioner of oaths and subsequently filed at Companies House. There are significant repercussions if a false or negligible declaration is made and is highly advisable to liaise with an experienced insolvency professional during this process. What Is a Voluntary Liquidation? A voluntary liquidation is a self-imposed wind-up and dissolution of a company that has been approved by its shareholders. Such a decision will happen once a company's leadership decides that the company has no reason to continue operating. It is not ordered by a court (not compulsory). The purpose of a voluntary liquidation is to terminate a company's operations, wrap-up its financial affairs, and dismantle its corporate structure in an orderly fashion, while paying back creditors according to their assigned priority. Sounds like Citadel Europe is voluntarily shutting down, not being forced per se. Probably too hard to crime overseas so they’re bringing their money back to the US.

DonkeyHair - 2683 upvotes - source
Inverse Cramer wins again.

Lazarus871 - 2256 upvotes - source
Bro's wrong abt everything

Abuck71588 - 2215 upvotes - source
This isn’t a margin call this is a forced liquidation… huge! Also, “The LLPs books and records may not be destroyed without the permission of the Joint Liquidators…” So somewhere in the UK there is a large office building and/or warehouse fire… Edit: not forced; voluntary…BUT is any liquidation really voluntary? If you’re profitable why liquidate? Maybe facing the music of a forced liquidation down the road. Either way I was incorrect, not forced but voluntary

bloodhound1144 - 1987 upvotes - source
Full explanation post and gravity of this is in the works. In video form. It might take me a couple days but I'm hoping to have it done by tomorrow.

PennyStockPariah - 1793 upvotes - source
Seems someone is trying to buy one more day

alilmagpie - 1571 upvotes - source
He found code (or something?) over a year ago and tried to tell people here that it pointed to a partnership with FTX, and was boo’ed off the stage. But he was correct.

RealVoldemort - 1544 upvotes - source
Fine. Demand celebs to sell all their private jets.