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We're a few days out from GME's upcoming earnings report. Here's a recap of what's going on with the stock.

Gamestop Corp (GME) is reporting earnings on Wednesday. Lets focus in on how the stock is performing.

Analyst opinions suggest Gamestop Corp will report an EPS (earnings per share) loss of $0.42 on Wednesday, better than its comparative prior year period’s loss of $0.76, on revenue of $1.27B, which equates to year-over-year growth of 7.6%. Meanwhile, GameStop’s Q2 Website Traffic Trends are Discouraging, according to the TipRanks Website Traffic Tool.

Bulls will want to hear that the company beat the analysts' estimates and that the beat is on unexpectedly higher revenues. They'll also want the company to paint a picture that leads analysts to conclude this is just the start of an robust growth story that will play out in the following quarters.

Grizzly bears possess a biting force of over 1200 PSI, which is enough to crush a bowling ball or an iron skillet. GME bears cannot do that, but they can listen for news that the company underperformed analysts' estimates for EPS, Revenues, or future guidance. They'll also want to build negative growth story that frames the company's future as one of deceleration or even decline in revenues over the following quarters.

If you haven't traded too many earnings reports, it's important to be aware that sometimes the majority of a stock's price movement can be caused by the analysts' estimates, rather than from the earnings report itself. As you see more of these, your ability to recognize one or the other will improve.

Shares of GME were trading at $31.55 as of August 30. Over the last 52-weeks, shares are down -50.64%. A larger percentage here can mean investors have a stronger bullish or bearish outlook on the stock.